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Cuisine - South Indian

South Indian

South Indian

South Indian cuisine includes the cuisines found in the four southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Indian Style Lobster In Creamy Buttery Sauce

Lobster is a very popular seafood in Goa, India. When I was in Goa, I had a very nice and light Lobster Curry, which was named as "Lobster in Butter Sauce". It was so tasty dish, served with plain steamed rice. The gravy was mild and very tasty. I just love seafood, and if you are in Goa, no one can resists to taste the seafood there. My husband is not a seafood lover. He does not like the strong smell of the Prawns, Crabs or Lobsters. So I was free to tastes all of them. But the most tasty dish according to me was this "Lobster in Butter Sauce". When I got live lobsters, I gave a try to make that heavenly "Lobster in Butter Sauce", and it came out almost similar with thar "Lobster in Butter Sauce". But I renamed this dish as "Butter Lobster". Hope you guys will enjoy the taste...

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe

Biryani is a set of rice-based foods made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and chicken, mutton, fish, eggs or vegetables. The name is derived from the Persian word berya(n) which means "fried" or "roasted". Biryani was invented in the kitchen of Mughal Emperors. Lahore, Kashmir, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad , Delhi/Agra and Malabar are the main centers of biryani cuisine.Today we are going to taste the Hydrabadi Style Dum Biryani. I hope you will enjoy the recipe.

Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh

This is Chicken dish with nutty flavor but very easy and tasty dish. Dum means steam, and Murgh means Chicken. The chicken will be cooked in airtight container along with lots of spices in a slow cooking process. Here is the recipe.

South Indian Style Dry Chicken Curry

So, today I'm going to share a recipe which is absolutely my own creation. Don't know wheather this recipe is really exists in South Indian cusine. I named this dish as South Indian style Dry Cicken Curry because of the ingredients. I used Curry Leaves, Mustard Seeds & Grated Coconut, and those ingredients are almost in every South Indian Dishes. Anyways this is a very easy recipe to cook in just 1 hour from start to end. If you have nothing to cook that much for a lazy dinner, just go for this recipe. This is a no fail, delicious and less oily quick fix dish recipe. Serve with Flat Indian Bread or Rice plate. Here is the recipe.

Vermicelli Or Semaiyan Upma For Breakfast

Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta round in section similar to spaghetti. Vermicelli is known as Semaiya Or Sevaiyan in India. The noodles are used in a number of dishes including a variation of kheer, Vermicelli are also used in many parts of India to make a popular dish called Upma. To prepare it, dry oil-roasted vermicelli are boiled and stir fried with a choice of vegetables.

Kerala Style Prawn Biryani Or Chemmen Biryani

Biryani is a one pot meal. Rice & meat or vegetables or fish are cooked together with lots of spices. Different regions have different types of biryani. North Indian biryanis are almost similar to Mughlai style biryani. Awadhi or lucknow style biryani is also very popular. On the other hand in Bengal meat or fish cooked with semi cooked rice & potato. Biryanies have many varieties like Chicken biryani, mutton biryani, egg biryani, fish biryani, prawn biryani, vegetable biryani etc. Today I'm going to share you the typical Kerala Style Prawn/Chemmen Biryani which is very easy to make but taste awesome. In this biryani prawn is cooked with curry leaves & coconut paste. This is a very easy quick fix dinner recipe. Here it is....

Spicy South Indian Lemon Rice Recipe

Lemon rice is an authentic South Indian rice dish. This is one variety of Pulihora a common dish of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. Puli means sour taste. Pulihora is also referred as sour rice. Other names are "Lemon Or Tamarind Rice". In Andhra Pradesh this dish is considered as a festival food.

Kerala Style Pomfret Fish Curry

Fish curry is a mouth-watering spicy gravy style recipe. Fish curry goes best with steamed rice . But in different parts of India fish curry is made in different versions. Here I have made "Kerala Style Fish Curry" with pomfret fish. Let's see how I have made this mouth watering curry.

Easy South Indian Style Coconut Chutney For Idli/Dosa

Coconut chutney is a south indian spicy side dish.This is a spicy variety of coconut stew which can be in two forms, solid and liquid. This chutney is served with idli, dosai,vadas or even with cooked rice. You may also use this chutney with delicious Rava Dosa .

Instant Onion Rava Dosa Recipe

Rava dosa is a very popular version of Dosa which is a South Indian crepe. Rava means semolina or suji. This is a very quick n easy Dosa for South Indian breakfast. This dosa can be served with any chutney like coconut or tomato chutney. Rava Dosa is a very popular Breakfast in south India. But every time pre-planning is not possible. So this instant version is for them only who suddenly crave for a nice breakfast with dosa. And the most important thing is Rava Dosa is most easily diagestible. When I was in the hospital of Chennai they gave me Rava Dosa for breakfast.