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Cuisine - Mughlai



Mughlai cuisine is a style of cooking developed in the Indian subcontinent by the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire. It represents the cooking styles used in North India (especially Uttar Pradesh

Chicken Bhuna Masala/Bhuna Murgh Recipe

The word Bhuna is used to describe the process where spices are fried gently to bring out their flavors . The chicken bhuna curry that I've given the recipe of below is an extension to this cooking method. The Bite size chicken is essentially added to the spices and cooks in its own juice, resulting in a deliciously strong flavor , but not much sauce.

Homemade Freshly Ground Tandoori Spice Powder

I always prefer 'Freshly Gound Spices' in my recipes. When you will cook with freshly ground spices, you will see the difference in your food. Food smells awesome and tastes too good with it, specially while you are cooking Indian dishes. Tandoori Spice is a multipurpose spice blend. You can use the spice powder for 'Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Paneer/Cauliflower/Potatoes etcs. This is a very easy way to make your own freshly ground Tandoori Spice Powder. In this powder, you have to dry roast your whole spices and then grind them together. So lets see the procedure of making Tandoori Spice Powder.

Chicken Hariyali Kebab

Kebabs are common in Middle Easter cooking, which I always love. North Indian cuisine uses a lots of the same flavors, so they're familiar to me. I also like much the charred taste from the marinated meat and onions. Kebabs are healthy & quick, so we make them when guests come to visit. We usually serve them with mint chutney, biryani (a rice dish), naan9Indian flat bread) and a green salad.

No Onion No Garlic Microwave Shahi Paneer

Finally I got some courage to cook in microwave. Yes finally. I only baked, grilled in microwave but never cooked any curry or never tried Indian recipes. But today after buying my Samsung microwave I made this recipe and you wont believe this is a super easy, less oily and delicious dish. This dish took only 30 minutes from start to serve. And most importantly this is a recipe which is without onion & garlic pure vegetarian. So no more writing, let's go to the recipe....

No Onion No Garlic Shahi Gobi/Gobhi Masala

Now a days Onion becomes too costly in India. Almost Rs. 80/kg. So I decided to post some less onion and onion free recipes which will help the people to enjoy Indian curries without costly onions. Here is the recipe.....

Shahi Mutton Korma/Kurma Or Gosht Shahi Korma

Korma has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine of modern-day India and Pakistan.The flavour of a korma is based on a mixture of spices, including ground coriander and cumin, combined with yoghurt kept below curdling temperature and incorporated slowly and carefully with the meat juices. Traditionally, this would have been carried out in a pot set over a very low fire, with charcoal on the lid to provide all-round heat. A korma can be mildly spiced or fiery and may use Lamb, Beef, Chicken, or some kormas combine meat and vegetables such as spinach and Turnip . The term "Shahi" used for some kormas indicates its status as a prestige dish, rather than an everyday meal, and its association with the court.

Rohu Fish Rezala

Here I have made a new creation with the fish in rezala curry. Rohu Fish cooked in a mild but tasty creamy gravy. This Curry goes well with any kind of Rice. And can be served in a party menu.

Tandoori Chicken or Tandoori Murgh- Indian spiced grilled chicken

Tandoori chicken is a popular Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani dish consisting of roasted chicken prepared with yogurt and spices which is called as Tandoori Spices. The name comes from the type of cylindrical clay oven, a tandoor, in which the dish is traditionally prepared. Tandoori Chicken is a dish of Mughlai cuisine. It was popular among the noble families and Nawab families.

Mughlai Chicken Curry

Mughlai style dishes are very rich, creamy, not too spicy types. This types of recipes are truly inspired by the Mughal dynasty. This chicken curry is very easy to make but tastes awesome. This recipe is totally my own creation, no adoption or inspiration from any other websites. Usually I always order Mughlai dishes in restaurants, because the curries are always smooth, creamy little sweeter in taste. Mughlai Chicken is one of my favorite Mughlai dishes. I always have this curry with Tandoori Rotis. This recipe also I tried many times in a nearby restaurant and make the recipe myself. Today I'm going to share my own creation of Mughlai Chicken recipe.

Methi Malai Paneer Or Paneer/Cottage Cheese Cooked In Creamy Fenugreek Flavored Gravy

Paneer is known as cottage cheese. This can be made at home or can be used store bought. Homemade paneer or cottage cheese are softer than store bought. Paneer can be used in curries, stir fries, kebabs or pulao dishes. There are lots of different kinds of curries using paneer like Matar Paneer, Butter Paneer, Paneer tikka masala etc. Today I'm going to share a very delicious recipe of paneer in which I've used coconut milk to make the creamy gravy. This is a mughlai dish in which Paneer is cooked in a rich thick creamy gravy, and serves with Indian Breads Or Rice items. This is not a spicy curry at all, not too oily. Here is the recipe of 'Paneer Methi Malai'.

Kesar Badam Phirni Or Saffron Almond Ground Rice Pudding

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> </head> <body> <p>T<span style="font-family: comic sans ms,sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;">oday I'm posting the recipe of <strong>"Kesar Badam Phirni"</strong> an traditional Indian Dessert, for phirni lovers .Phirni is originally a Mughlai dessert recipe .Phirni is an another variety of Aromatic Rice Pudding. Phirni should be served chilled.

Lahore Style Chicken Chargha

Chicken Chargha is a very famous and popular Chicken dish which is cooked in two different steps, first steaming and then deep frying the steamed Chicken. In this recipe whole chicken is used. I used half chicken, as whole chicken is little bit difficult to handle because of its size in our small kitchens. But in restaurants they use whole chicken for this recipe. Here is the recipe of chicken chargha Lahore style...