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Bengali Fish Chop Or Machher Chop

The meat/fish itself is cooked with spices - onion, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, coriander (cilantro),....

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Kolkata Style Aloor Chop

"Aloor Chop" Or Potato fritters is Bengal's most popular street snacks. This "Aloor Chop"....

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Vegetable/Bhegitabile Chop/Cutlet

Vegetable or I should say Bhegitabil Chop is a very famous Bengali evening snacks.....

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Shrimp Croquettes Or Chingrir Chop

Chingrir Chop is a famous Bengali snacks item from "Tele Bhaja"(deep fried) shops of....

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Bengali Style Mutton Croquettes Or Mangsher Chop

Mangsher Chop is a famous Tele Bhaja. It tastes awesome and easy to make....

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Mochar Chop Or Banana Flower Croquette

<p>Banana flower is a very unique vegetable, which can be cooked in many ways,....

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