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Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Today I'm not sharing any mouth watering recipe with you. All of us have to be foodie as well as fit and healthy. So today I'm going to share my secret diet plan, which I've been following since 3 months and lost 11 pounds or 5 kg.

During this weight loss diet plan I also enjoyed my delicious food too. Here you go. Before I start I must tell you some must do and must not to do information about a healthy diet plan.

You have to totally stop eating Junk Foods. A big no no to Fast Foods. You may eat once or twice dinner or lunch in good quality restaurants. But not in Fast Food joints. You may have 'Jhal Muri(Murmura), Steamed Momo, Swarma Roll' outside.

Don't skip any meal, like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Divide your large meals in small meals. Don't eat large amount at a time. Have your food till your hunger goes off.

Time plays a big role in diet plan. You have to eat in proper time. Like Tea at 7am, Breakfast at 9am, Lunch within 1pm. Some Afternoon snacks. Have your dinner within 9pm

You have to drink plenty of water for losing weight . Have fruits like Watermelon, cucumber, apple, papaya, oranges. Those fruits cut fat.

Try to avoid Rice. Only weekend you may have rice. If you can't leave without rice, you may reduce the quantity. Increase the quantity of dal, vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, add soyabean, paneer and dal in your meal.

Reduce the quantity of Salt in your meal.

Morning : Wake up at 6am sharp. Brush your teeth and have 1 cup of fat burn drink.

For fat burning drink you need :

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon(I use organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar)
  • Lemon Juice 1 (freshly squeezed)
  • Honey 1 tablespoon
  • Ginger Juice few drops(grate 1" long ginger, squeeze the grated ginger and you will get freshly made ginger juice)
  • Luke Warm Water 1 cup
  • Mix everything and sip the whole drink.
  • Take 4 over night soaked Almonds.

Now get ready and go for 30 minutes walk outside.

Come back after the morning walk and have 1 cup of Green tea with 2 crackers.

Have a bowl full or Oat, Milk, Honey, and Fruits mixed breakfast at 9am. You may have 2 hard toast breads, some fruits & an egg white omelets or a poached egg with some salt & pepper.

Have an apple at 11:30 before your lunch. It will decrease your hunger.

Have your lunch within 1pm. with boiled or steamed vegetables of your choices, 1 boiled egg Or lightly fried Fish, Dalia khichdi, sabudana khicdi, Oat Khichdi, Roti Sabji with Dal.

At 3pm have a bowl of sour curd, some fruits. Do some yoga exercises. You can find 30 minutes yoga in YouTube.

Some Afternoon snacks like tea, 2 biscuits, Murmura, Diet chewda etc.Have your dinner within 9pm with 1 roti/chapati/phulka sabji with mixed veggies, dal .

Increase the quantity of Dal, Vegetables in your meal, reduce the chapati.Have less oily foods like Chicken kebabs, Chapati rolls with Kebabs/paneer tikkas.

Eat Chicken stew instead of Chicken Curry. Avoid Maida(all purpose flour).

In weekends have some homemade tasty foods but in small quantity. Don't over eat your meal.