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First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

Just to introduce our self, as this is my first Travel post, our family comprises Abhishek (My husband), Abhimit (chomchom) (My cute little 10 month old son) and myself Moumita. We live in Hyderabad but originally from Kolkata-city of Joy. Few months back we were actually thinking when our little son would arrive to this beautiful world and make our family complete. After that many months has crossed, my little son is now 10 months old, and to break the mechanical life, we thought of going out for vacation. It was to a nearby city Named Warangal. We were accompanied by my close friend who also stays in Hyderabad. Their name is Sandipan and Sujaya.

So the journey to Warangal was planned in train, from Secunderabad station. On the day, we as usual woke up at 5 AM, made the baby feed so that we can concentrate on other work to be completed. Had tea and then a small breakfast, and then started to cook some food which I had to carry for my son as is on outside food till now. We had already packed our luggage the previous day, so the pending item was to take bath and get to dress for vacation. Cab came on time at 10 AM. We three started from our house to Secunderabad. Met our friend and her husband in station. Had some quick snacks before leaving to the platform where 17202 Golconda express was given to be boarded. Chair car, never been in an AC chair car before, so anxious to know how the seating arrangement would be, whether Abhimit will like it. Got into the train, not a good seat as nearby the toilets, but ok.

Train started at sharp 1 PM. Now gossip started, in between feeding to Abhimit was done, so that he doesn't disturb or cries. My husband and my friends husband was seated on the other side, they also started chatting. Few tea times came, munching, but the train was not moving in good pace. We were all discussing about the same, as we had plans to go to nearby attractions on that day evening. oh...I missed to tell you the funny event..a lady was sitting on the other side next to our husbands. She had complained to the guard and TC that we are disturbing her. As soon the TC told the same to us, our husbands started talking in louder voice, more disturbance...She was not able to take it...switched on some songs and used headphone to distract...anyway it was fun.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

Around 3 PM, we were all down as the train was not moving in good pace, already late by 40 minutes and more 2 stops to go more. It was entering Kazipet station, the previous one of Warangal. Raining outside...all hopes to go out in the evening was shattered. Suddenly we thought of getting down in Kazipet as the hotel where we would halt, was in the equal distance from Kazipet and Warangal. But sudden decision, that too with the small kid, my husband was not agreeing at first but with some more push we thought...let’s do was pouring little, Abhimit had to be covered and sat on pram...pushed towards the station exit. Our husband’s in mean time has come with the news that there is no prepaid car service or OLA or Uber facility. So had to take Auto from station to hotel-Hotel Haritha Kakatiya...not had very high hopes… as first of all...govt hotel...second..didn't receive much reviews in trips advisor website...

Auto stopped at the main gate and I was really surprised to see the condition of the Hotel, it was really unexpected, looking new, and same as I have seen in the website. Really stunned. Ok, let’s go inside and see the rooms. At reception, I was able to understand that I am not in Hyderabad, people was not able to understand Hindi and few was able to understand English, that too not good. After checking in, we went to our rooms, it was AC deluxe rooms. My heart was beating at high pace to see, how was inside the rooms. Opened the door, looked inside, it was good, rooms were clean, bed sheets were clean and present J . Had proper windows, doors, water was present in the taps in bathroom. Ok, a sign of relief in me. Sat on the bed and smiled. Need to go out for visiting places near about, so had to change and get freshen up. Abhimit had to be fed, diapers changed. So lot of work to do in few minutes.

Ok, done, dressed up, got freshen up, feed Abhimit, changed his cloths & diaper. Now need to go out as friends were waiting. Husbands had booked 2 Autos to visit 1. Thousand Pillars Temple 2. Bhadrakali Temple 3. Warangal Fort with Light & Sound. These places were nearby but Auto was charging Rs. 600 each. Anyhow, need to visit, can’t bargain much as not localities. Started in Auto, all were excited, first stop is at Thousand Pillars temple. Old temple, looks really nice, we were curious to see, really thousand pillars ?, but couldn’t count as many pillars were merged at one place. Nice place, nice ambience, Lord Vishnu, Shiva & Surya Deva idols were present. We prayed and took some snaps and started off to the next destination.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

After that we arrived to Bhadrakali temple. The temple is one of the oldest temples of Indian History is dedicated to the worship the mother of goddesses, Kali Matha or Bhadrakali Ammavaru. The temple was scattered over a huge area. Ancient carvings, old scriptures, god, goddess idols, ambiance was too good. Not that crowded, visited the idols, prayed and admired of what we saw. This temple is located on the banks of Bhadrakali Lake. The serene surroundings of the temple work as an add-on and help the mind to relax and soothe the soul, while one gives away in obedience to the supreme power. More snaps, more posing, some worship and then came out.

Next stop was at Warangal Fort. We also wanted to see the Light & sound, so Auto driver asked us to come quick as the show timings would be over. We started again. I should say and admire that roads are too good, one thing observed, very neat & clean, no cigarate buts also lying around. Arrived at the fort, very very old and very little bit of the structure exists till now. I saw only 4 gates, musical rock and some stones lying here and there. Purchased ticket for Light & sound, our luck was not that good, so had to buy Telegu version tickets. Nothing to understand the language, feel the music, and try to see the lights in rhythm. Abhimit was hungry, so had to feed him, so time passed by. Left the show, joking, asking each other what they have understood J.

Ride to hotel from Warrangal fort was around 45 minutes. Freshened up, feed Abhimit some food and then went down to have food in the Hotel restaurant. Service was very bad, as Abhimit was there in pram, so we searched for a table which would be comfortable for us to have food and watch Abhimit also. The required table was not clean, asked the waiter to clean the same. TO our surprise he was cleaning the table with paper napkin. We had to tell him to clean multiple times, then ordered food, one chili chicken dry , roti, dal fry and chicken main dish. Main dish was good, tasty, dal was rubbish, had big big cloves floating in dal, main chicken dish was ok. Was very hungry, so all went to stomach. Had cold drinks and we both ladies left, gents was still there to finish off their might smoking and bring drinking water for all.For next day, we planned to get up and met in breakfast table in hotel at 8 AM. Good Night….

Next day was good, we met all downstairs in breakfast table. Same South Indian breakfast, idly, dosa, pongal, tea, made stomach full as don’t know when we will be able to munch again. Husbands were trying to book a car(No Ola, Uber and Meru service here in Warangal) for visiting 3 more places, 1. Ramappa Temple 2. Ramappa Lake & 3. Lakhnavaram Lake. They booked a car for Rs 2500 and asked the driver to come at 11:30 AM. We started to get ready.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal
First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

All met downstairs at around 11:30 AM. Driver has already come, we boarded the car and started our journey to Ramappa temple, about 75 Km from hotel. Very experienced driver, drove like James bond J. We started gossiping in car, took snaps, saw a big snake crossing the road. Arrived Ramappa temple, very hot and humid, my husband and son was already sweating. Nice temple, very old, erosion has taken away many items. Nice garden in front of the temple. I found Taal(Asian plam fruit) in the garden, took one, can cook nice sweets, and took snaps. From there to Ramappa lake, very near by. Full of Monkeys, my son enjoyed it very much. Then from there started to Laknavaram lake, far off, road side was too good, liked the rural neighborhood, far off from the Urban and city life, cattle, farmers, mountains far away, nice place and ambiance. It would take around 30 mins to reach there, thought of having lunch in between. Stopped at another Haritha restaurant, but couldn’t have as some forest minister was on visit. Cursed his visit and thought of taking food on the way or at Lakhnavaram Lake. Reached the place, no food in between, munched some chips in car. Car was to be kept 2 km away from the lake. We started walking, reached the Lakhnavaram Jhula, walked on the same, no water down, as all was telling August is right time to visit the lake. Reached the other side, thought of checking for food but no food in the restaurant. There are some houses made on the lake, for which you have to take the ferry to reach. Very deserted place, no good communication, no good food, ideal place for honey moon, no one to disturb J. But with a small kid, it’s not ideal place to stay.

Took snaps, enjoyed the walking on the bridge, oldest and the only one cantilever bridge. Came back to car parking area. Son had to be fed again with milk and we also need to munch more as on the way back, may be at hotel only, we might get some food to eat. After some time we started our return journey to hotel. Took almost 90 mins to come back. Were exhausted, so thought of freshen up and then going to nearby Restaurant to have food. Went o Surabhi restaurant, good ambience, not crowded at that point of time. Ordered Egg fried rice, chili chicken, butter roti and chicken Surabhi’s special chicken. Food was tasty, enjoyed it. On the way back took some cake and water for having the next day morning or way back.

Came back to room, thought of again meeting late evening for some liquid party. Meet around 8 PM, husbands drank couple of bear, gossiped, it was raining heavily outside, so whole atmosphere was very good. Around 11 PM, all departed to their respective rooms and agreed to meet morning 8 AM for breakfast.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

Next morning, had breakfast, packing all belongings , dressed up and got ready by 10 AM to leave Hotel and go to station to board Golconda express whose right time at kazipet was 10:30 AM. Looked over internet, train was 18 mins late, so started to Station only at 10 AM as it would take 10 mins to reach.

Reached station and by then train was 52 mins late. Went to the waiting room, and fed son some food. Husbands went to see the train’s actual whereabouts. Train was actually late by 52 mins. Heard the announcement that it would come on platform # 3 by 12 PM. It came, we boarded the train, and this time train seat was good. Had a cup of tea and was gossiping, feeling not happy as vacation is over. Son was disturbing as he had to go to sleep. Reached Secunderabad at 4 PM. Took Uber to Home, say bye to friends.

Overall vacation was good, nice place, nice places to see, got a good knowledge what needs to be improved to take a 10 month baby on road. Ok then bye for now, hope to make you feel the same as I felt and talk to you again when we travel to Agra in Sep.