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The Pan-Asian Gallery, Novotel Hotel & Residences Moumita Ghosh

The Pan-Asian Gallery, Novotel Hotel & Residences

Last 3 months of every year I love the most. I'm Bengali by birth so "Durga Pujo is our biggest festival", I think almost the World knows this. Diwali comes just after Durga Pujo, and followed by Jagadhatri Pujo. Then it's time for Christmas & New Year. Bengalis celebrate every festival, even it is Eid or Christmas with the same spirit of they celebrate Durga Pujo. And as Christmas comes at the end of the year, it always brings sorrow with it, to give farewell to another year. So we try not to be sad while saying good bye to the current year and celebrate each of the moment of last few days.

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review

Last week ASUS gifted me with their new launch item, Zenfone 2 Laser for reviewing. So after going through all the specifications of the phone, I am really happy with the same. First of all, the phone comes at a cost with features as below.
• Rs. 9999/- (5.5-inch/2GB RAM/16GB Storage/Quad-Core)
• 13999/- (5.5-inch/3GB RAM/16GB Storage/Octa-Core) in India.

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Ganga Dhare, Padma Paarey

The current population of Bengalis in Hyderabad has breached 8 lacs with the numbers increasing every day. The Bengalis have embraced the City of Nizams as their home away from home and the culture & tradition has been well accepted by the city dwellers. The rise of Durga Puja celebrations in Hyderabad is something, I as a Bengali cherish a lot. The rise & fall of many Bengali restaurants in the past 20 years of my stay is a testament to the demand for Bengali cuisine in the city. The food is not just cherished by the native non-resident Bengalis but also by the non-Bengali speaking dwellers.

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The Best Singaporean Cuisines

Traveling to various places can be very entertaining because it gives you the opportunity to see multiple attractions, meet new people and learn more about their culture. One country you can visit is Singapore. It is a small city-state situated in Southeast Asia. There are so many beautiful places you can enjoy in this state. Some of the common tourist attractions there include Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, and Palawan Beach among others.

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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Most people like to travel, be it for pleasure or business, at some point in their lives. They desire to make a change from their usual routine by visiting other locations. Whether they be business trips or adventure tours to various destinations in the world, one thing is certain: Your daily routine is wholly affected when traveling. However, you can still manage to keep fit, even while traveling, by using the following tips:

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Cakes for New Year

Cakes for New Year

Hello friends, as everyone know New Year is knocking our door. And this is the time for baking. My dad used to start baking this cake 1 month before New Year. He used to make this cake, and whenever it finished, he used to make another one. Just back to back to keep the smell in our home. Read More

Fried pork with Soybean Bamboo shoots

If you liked my recipe for Dried Bamboo Shoots with Pork Belly, here’s another one using dried bamboo shoots. Although considered an uncommon ingredient, dried bamboo shoots really are a fantastic ingredient for Asian food, and have a different flavor to the canned variety. Read More
Apple Kiwi Kheer Recipe for the season

Apple Kiwi Kheer Recipe for the season

We are familiar with Rice kheer but what about the above-mentioned recipe. You should try it once, something new and tasty is always lovable to our taste buds!

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Restaurants in Kolkata

The erstwhile capital of India still has bits that reflect a beautiful amalgamation of the ancient with the modern art and history. Here are the best restaurants in Kolkata.  Read More

10 Places You Must Go To This New Year's Eve In Hyderabad!

Knock! Knock! It’s another new year knocking our door, it's 2019. Another exciting and eventful year is about to come, only few days are left. It's already December, so yearend month has started to wrap 2018 and ready to jump into 2019.

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A guide on Olive oil and other basic groceries

Every household has a long list of kitchen ingredients and household items as a part of their grocery shopping list. While almost every grocery list is similar to one another, the brands and types of products they choose may differ. When it comes to Indian households, the kitchen ingredient list is longer than you can imagine. There are varieties of dals, pulses, masalas and spices being used in the Indian cuisine, making the grocery list longer. However, the base of it all, depends on the oil being used.

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Homemade Spicy Indian Style Chicken Burger Recipe Strawberry Banana Milkshake Recipe Dimer Torka Or Egg Tadka Dhaba Style Paneer Stuffed Bell Pepper Or Stuffed Capsicum Baked Banana Bliss Pineapple Blast Or Khatta Mitha Anaras