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  • Banana Bliss

    Banana Bliss

    Most of the kids do not like to eat fruits. So here I have made a banana dish with little twist which kids may like to have as breakfast.

  • Pineapple Blast

    Pineapple Blast

    Pineapple blast is a very easy and Chat pata recipe recipe to make. Very healthy too.

  • Indian Vegetable Roll

    Indian Vegetable Roll

    Roll is a kind of wrapped appetizer by wrapping with Indian flat bread or paratha filled with vegetable curries.

  • Tapioca Pudding

    Tapioca Pudding

    This pudding, made from large pearl Tapioca and coconut milk and served warm. This is much lighter than the Western-style version.

  • Basic Pizza Sauce

    Basic Pizza Sauce

    Pizza sauce is a tomato based sauce which we spread on pizza. This tomato based sauce should be smooth in consistency not chunky and seasoned with spices.

  • Dak Bungalow Chicken

    Dak Bungalow Chicken

    This kind of curries are always be the only Dinner/Lunch item. So it is always cooked along with Potat ,Egg and freshly ground spices,

  • Summertime Burger

    Summertime Burger

    This recipe contains Pan Sauted Chicken Breasts, and a moist Creamy spread all over the Buns, with lots of leafy veggies. Smooth texture and very tasty recipe for dinner.

  • Luchi Torkari

    Luchi Torkari

    Luchi is a deep fried flat bread which is a very famous as a Bengali breakfast along with simple Potato Curry.

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A Complete Guide to Goa Nightlife

A Complete Guide to Goa Nightlife

A land of golden beaches and sparkling sea, Goa is synonymous with a lazy, relaxing holiday. But at the same time, this Konkan state is also one of the biggest party destinations in the country. With late-hours shacks, pubs, and clubs, groovy music, bustling casinos, and boat parties, Goa offers a nightlife to reckon with. Irrespective of your age, social status, or lifestyle choices, each and every party destination here caters to everyone under the sun.

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4 Places You Can Have an Experience of a Lifetime at the Capital City

New Delhi is a great place to explore if you're young and love to experience new adventures. The city is home to plenty of fun activities in and around the city which you can try with a bunch of friends. If you're visiting the city anytime soon, there are a few fun activities where you can have great experiences with a self driven car in Delhi

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Bird watching is a very real hobby that a lot of people have cultivated. For some, it is casual and only amounts to the occasional photo. But, for others, it is of a more serious nature resulting in a detailed description of each bird that they see and even traveling long distances to see exotic birds.

Ciba Taaza Spices

Ciba Taaza Spices

Being a blogger, I do product reviews side by side of developing recipes. It's being 4 years I'm collaborating with renowned brands, reviewing their products, foodstyling with their products. Recently I've come accross the CIBA GROUP / CIBA MASALA UDYOG & collaborated with them. The company basically works as a spice company named CIBA TAAZA SPICES.

It's not being easy to be impressed with all brands whom you're collaborating. But we still have to do a possitive review, but this Ciba Groups are really a genuine brand which can make you impressed by their flavoreful spices. A brand with a dream to conquer the entire food base of India comes with some best quality spice mixes.

Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker - Review By PeekNCook

Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker - Review By PeekNCook

On last year's December Preethi Kitchen Appliances, approached me and expressed their wish to send me their newly launched product, Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker. I have always been a big fan of such electric pressure cooker since my stay abroad. There, I used to use a smaller version, as such electric pressure cooker is such a great kitchen appliance, which you can use to make any kind of one-pot meal, like slow-cooked soup, curries, rice items etc. No need to sauté the entire item in a pan and then pressure cook the rest. And in India, if you are running out of gas, then this is the savior.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Product Review

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Product Review

Preethi is a well known brand and their Kitchen Appliances are very popular in India, specially the Southern part. They are in this kitchen appliances business since 1978. All kinds of modern kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinder, Gas Stoves, Induction ovens, Wet grinder, Turbo chopper, Electric pressure cooker, Electric kettle, Blender, Rice cooker, Coffee Maker and what not.