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Rich Christmas Fruit Cake


Rich Christmas Fruit Cake

This fruit cake is packaged with raisins, dried cranberries, dried apricots, and candied fruit, dark Rum, Nuts are also included as Caramel Or Butterscotch Syrup.

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  • Banana Bliss

    Banana Bliss

    Most of the kids do not like to eat fruits. So here I have made a banana dish with little twist which kids may like to have as breakfast.

  • Pineapple Blast Or Khatta Mitha Anaras

    Pineapple Blast

    Pineapple blast is a very easy and Chat pata recipe recipe to make. Very healthy too.

  • Indian Vegetable Roll

    Indian Vegetable Roll

    Roll is a kind of wrapped appetizer by wrapping with Indian flat bread or paratha filled with vegetable curries.

  • Tapioca Pudding Or Sabudana Pudding

    Tapioca Pudding

    This pudding, made from large pearl Tapioca and coconut milk and served warm. This is much lighter than the Western-style version.

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Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker - Review By PeekNCook

On last year's December Preethi Kitchen Appliances, approached me and expressed their wish to send me their newly launched product, Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker. I have always been a big fan of such electric pressure cooker since my stay abroad. There, I used to use a smaller version, as such electric pressure cooker is such a great kitchen appliance, which you can use to make any kind of one-pot meal, like slow-cooked soup, curries, rice items etc. No need to sauté the entire item in a pan and then pressure cook the rest. And in India, if you are running out of gas, then this is the savior.

10 Best Pocket Friendly Buffet Restaurants in Hyderabad

This is my first ever article listing with 10 Best Buffet Restaurants In Hyderabad. Being in Hyderabad since 2014, I've visited too many restaurants, for lunch or dinner. But recently most of the restaurants have started buffet service along with ala-carte menu. If you are going with a group to hang out or you want to spent some quality time with your friends/family, buffet is the best option for you. As everyone has their own taste of preference. In my family I love Chinese on the other hand my husband is fond of North Indian food. And you can get almost all types of popular variety cuisines in multi-cuisine buffet restaurants.

The Best Singaporean Cuisines

Traveling to various places can be very entertaining because it gives you the opportunity to see multiple attractions, meet new people and learn more about their culture. One country you can visit is Singapore. It is a small city-state situated in Southeast Asia. There are so many beautiful places you can enjoy in this state. Some of the common tourist attractions there include Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, and Palawan Beach among others.

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Most people like to travel, be it for pleasure or business, at some point in their lives. They desire to make a change from their usual routine by visiting other locations. Whether they be business trips or adventure tours to various destinations in the world, one thing is certain: Your daily routine is wholly affected when traveling. However, you can still manage to keep fit, even while traveling, by using the following tips:

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Product Review

Preethi is a well known brand and their Kitchen Appliances are very popular in India, specially the Southern part. They are in this kitchen appliances business since 1978. All kinds of modern kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinder, Gas Stoves, Induction ovens, Wet grinder, Turbo chopper, Electric pressure cooker, Electric kettle, Blender, Rice cooker, Coffee Maker and what not.

A guide on Olive oil and other basic groceries

Every household has a long list of kitchen ingredients and household items as a part of their grocery shopping list. While almost every grocery list is similar to one another, the brands and types of products they choose may differ. When it comes to Indian households, the kitchen ingredient list is longer than you can imagine. There are varieties of dals, pulses, masalas and spices being used in the Indian cuisine, making the grocery list longer. However, the base of it all, depends on the oil being used.

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