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Tupperware Steam It

Tupperware Steam It

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Few weeks ago renowned brand Tupperware contacted with us to review their very new product "Steam It". And as I'm a big fan of their products, was very happy to do so. Today I'm going to share my experience with their "Steam IT". This product is so amazing, easy to use, very easy to clean, dishwasher safe and many more. I usually used to use the bamboo steamer for steaming, but the bamboo steamers are not dishwasher safe and not very easy to clean. But with this Tupperware steamer I faced no problems. And also Bamboo Steamer smells odd. And I must mention the size, this is a double decker steamer, which takes less time to prepare two types of steaming at a time. Or you may steam a lot at a time for whole of your family.

Here are some reasons "how the steamer is different from the bamboo steamer. "

  1. It's easy to clean than bamboo steamer. 
  2. Bamboo steamer left a smell in steamed foods after steaming in it. But tupperware steamer has no issue with any smells.
  3. Bamboo steamer has to be use with banana leaf or percment papers in it. But it is not possible everytime to get those. But with tupperware steamer we can use it as it is. No need any banana leaf or perchment paper. 

It takes only 7-8 minutes to steam veggies in two racks, so this is a time saver also. So my thumbs are up for this steamer "Steam IT". And the price of this steamer worth it. My followers go ahead for this amezing product.

Here is the recipe which I've made in this Tupperware Steamer Steamed Chicken Momo