Tibetan Chicken Momos

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Steamed Chicken Momo

Momos is a fast food of Nepal, Tibet origin. This is a very famous easy to make fast food of Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan etc. north east Asian Country. Those are similar to the Chinese, Korean, Japanese steamed dumplings. This Momo has become famous in North eastern India. At that time momos were made by filling plain pork meats. But nowadays the momos are made with chicken, prawn even vegetable. Momos are in many different types in India, like steamed, fried, pan fried with sauce, in sizzlers', even in soups. But this momos are famous in North side of India. But in recent time, its popularity has reached in South India also. Almost in every chinese food stalls you can get momo, and in fine dines, they have many varieties of the same. When me & my husband were dating at that time, momo was our evening snacks in most of the days. My maternal house is in Salt lake Kolkata and my husband's office was in sector 5. So we used to walk through the streets of Saltlake sector 5 to Korunamoyee, where from he used to take cab to Howrah. And 1 stall was there, actually it's still there, 'Bapi Dar Momor Dokan', we used to eat momos from that particular stall, and it was only 10 rs for 1 plate chicken momos, with sauce & soup. And 3 momos used to be on per plate. And believe me, the momos are damn tasty with full of meat. I never had so tasty momos in this price. If you ever visit Kolkata, and a momos lover, then you must not miss this place.

Today I'm going to share the Steamed Chicken Momos recipe with my followers. This is one of my favorite evening snacks. I was thinking of making these momos for long days. When I was in USA I usually made them in my bamboo steamer. But I could not bring it with me in India. But when Tupperware offered me their newly introduced product Steam It, I was very happy, and from that day I was planning to make momos for their promotional post. So today I made "Steamed Chicken Momos" and sharing the recipe with you.




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Ingredients for Steamed Chicken Momo

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Preperation steps for Steamed Chicken Momo

Make The Filling :

  Take all the ingredients under the heading 'For Filling' in a glass bowl and mix them using your hand. Keep aside.

  Make The Shell :

  Take the Flour, salt, oil in a bowl and make a soft doulg with some water. Do not add all the water at a time.

  Add as much as you need. Cover the dough with a dump cloth and keep aside for 5 minutes.

Make The Dumplings :

  Make small balls from the dough. Roll each ball into a small round. Put a teaspoon of the filling in the middle and bring all edges together in a fancy fan fold. Now cover the raw momos with a dump cloth.

  Now take a flat pan, add some water into it and put on medium heat. In the meantime take the Tupperware steamer, grease some oil and put the raw momos in the steamer.

  When the water will start boiling put the covered steamer on the boiling water, steam the momos for 10 minutes. Serve steamy hot Momos with spicy oily tangy chili sauce.

  If you do not have steamer, still you can make momos. Take a wide and deep pan with lid, place the raw momos on a clean large piece of cheese cloth, tie the cheese cloth on the lower side of the lid, boil some water in the pan.

  When the water will start boiling put the lid with raw momos.

  Steam for 10 minutes and serve hot.

  You can also use slotted tray for steam the momos.

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Serving Tips

Serve with Chili Sauce & Chicken Clear Soup.

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