Chicken Hariyali Kebab

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Chicken Hariyali Kebab

This recipe has won the Grand Prize of the 'Taste Of Home' magazine for April/May 2015.

Kebabs are common in Middle Easter cooking, which I always love. North Indian cuisine uses a lots of the same flavors, so they're familiar to me. I also like much the charred taste from the marinated meat and onions. Kebabs are healthy & quick, so we make them when guests come to visit. We usually serve them with mint chutney, biryani (a rice dish), naan9Indian flat bread) and a green salad.




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Durga Puja

Ingredients for Chicken Hariyali Kebab

Preperation steps for Chicken Hariyali Kebab

  In a bowl, toss chicken with lemon juice & salt, let stand for 15 minutes.

  Place all the ingredients mentioned under the heading "Hariyali Paste" in a small blender, and blend the paste till smooth. Now add the "Hariyali Paste" in the bowl of the chicken and mix everything very well and refrigerate, covered 2 hours.

  Add few drops of oil on the onion slices and toss them to. Grill the onion in a pan and keep aside.

  Soak the wooden skewers in normal water for about 4-5 minutes.If using iron or steal skewer, apply some oil on the skewer. Now thread the marinated chicken pieces onto the skewer.

  If using 'Charcoal Grill', moisten a paper towel with cooking oil, using long handed tongs, rub on grill rack to coat lightly. If using grilling pan do the same. Place the skewer on the rack or pan and grill till chicken is no longer pink.

  If using oven, preheat the oven at degrees 375F or 190C for 5 minutes and place the skewers in the oven. Leave to grill for about 15-18 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink, turning occationally during the last 4 minutes.

  If broiling, place the rack 4 inches from the heat and broil for 10-12 minutes

  Serve hot with Grilled Onion Slices & Lemon Wedges.

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  Must do recipe for Diwali.


Cook the Onion in a other pan, so there's plenty room on the grill for the chicken skewers. Give the whole platter a spritz of lemon for a sunshiny delight.

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