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Dhokar Dalna Or Lentil Cake Curry

Dhokar Dalna is one of the oldest recipes of Bengali cuisine. This is a....

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Elish Pulao/Bengali Rice Pilaf With Hilsha Fish

Hilsha fish cooked early with spices and then layered with Basmati Rice.

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Catfish Curry Or Magur Machher Kaliya

In West Bengal catfish (known as Magur) is eaten as a favored delicacy during....

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Indian Spiced Carrot Soup

I thought making some light soup for our upset stomach and cough. And here....

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Bengali Style Mutton Croquettes Or Mangsher Chop

Mangsher Chop is a famous Tele Bhaja. It tastes awesome and easy to make....

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Chingrir Jhol

Chingrir(Prawn or Shrimp) is one of my most favorite seafood. I love this in....

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