I love winter season the ost amongst all. Not only I like the chilled weather, but also for the food. Throughout the season you can get fresh vegetables, fresh date palm jaggery, fresh varities of fruits etc. So I try to cook vegetables as much as I can. Because rest of the year you have to eat the fish, poultry and meat. So better to enjoy the veggies now. So today, I've, sorry not me, actually Mom cooked this delicious Bengali Veg spread, which includes,

  • Bhat
  • Sabji Dal
  • Dhenros piaj bhaji
  • Bandhakopir dalna
  • Patishapta

And this is enough for our Friday lunch. Dum aloo with newly grown potatoes and green peas will be cooked for dinner along with some Trikona ajwain porota. Happy weekend....