5 Low-Fat Ways to Cook Potatoes

5 Low-Fat Ways to Cook Potatoes

Potatoes are highly nutritious vegetables that contain vitamin C, fiber and vitamins too. When you cook or prepare them with lots of cheese, cooking oil or cream such as deep-frying, the more fat, and calories you add thus of these concealing the health benefits that potatoes offer. Cook potatoes in healthy, fat-free methods to not only enjoy their pure flavor but also benefit from their several nutrients. Some individuals argue that potatoes are a no-no for weight watchers because of their high starch levels.

The thing we fail to recognize is that your pot cooking to preparation methods determine whether or not the will be unhealthy. By baking a medium potato, you won’t have any fat in it, and the calorie amount will be 166 (a 78 % of the daily recommended calorie allowance).By eating a potato and its skin, you get 4 g of fiber that is essential for regulating digestion, feeling full and possibly lowering your cholesterol levels. For more information on how to steam potatoes, click here

5 Simple Low-Fat Ways to Cook Potatoes1. Mash potatoes with skimmed milk instead of a fatty cream

For fat-free potatoes, you require 2 Yukon gold potatoes, five garlic cloves, salt, olive oil,chopped scallions and black pepper. You can cook a fat-free sort of mashed potatoes by


  • Steam 2lbs. Of Yukon gold potatoes
  • Skin five garlic cloves.
  • Chop the garlic into tiny cubes and add to the boiling potatoes
  • When you have cooked it, drain the potatoes
  • Mash them with a mixture of a pinch of salt, black pepper, chopped scallions and one glass of skimmed milk

You can serve it with a healthy potato salad of 2 boiled and cubed red potatoes, half a cup of diced cucumbers, a quarter cup of chopped bell peppers and half a cup of chopped black olives. Make the dressing from with 1 tbsp.

Of canola oil, half a cup of rice vinegar with crushed pepper and salt. Canola oil has heart-friendly unsaturated fats. The additional vegetables offer vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, and antioxidants

Bottom line: This simple recipe can serve seven with each serving containing 119 calories and half g of drenched fat and 4 g of fiber

2. Boiling Potatoes


We recommend that you don’t peel potatoes when boiling them as it helps keep the nutrients and flavor inside throughout the cooking process. However, if potato skins aren’t your thing, you can peel them off after boiling, but first, let them cool down.


  • Potatoes tend to suck up lots of flavors when it's cooking, ensure that you salt the water before cooking them for the best flavor.
  • You don’t necessarily have to rely on plain salted water; you can add spices, herbs, and other seasonings to boost how the final product will taste
  • You can choose to boil your potatoes in chicken or vegetable soup. You can also add Diced cloves of garlic, onion or even black pepper and rosemary
Boil the Potato After selecting the potatoes and figuring out how to cook it, you can get them into that pot. Place the potatoes into your preferred cooking liquid and bring it to boil for; not the other way around for even cooking as it allows potatoes to heat at the same time with the soup. Ensure that the cooking soup covers the potatoes completely and add liquid to it if it goes down, finally, brings the boil to a mild simmer.

How to test when cooked

Overcooking the potatoes will make them soggy, leaves a bad texture not much flavor. You can know they are willing if sliding tip of a knife passes through one off them with no resistance. Also, drain the potatoes once they cooked since they retain heat well put them back to pot close with a lid till when you are ready to serve. Bottom line: when you choose to boil potatoes, you don’t need any cream, cooking oil or butter. Therefore the end product is fat-free without extra calories!
5 Low-Fat Ways to Cook Potatoes

3. Potato Baking

When baking potatoes, you can choose an oven, microwave or crockpot. No matter which option you settle for be sure to wash prick the potato with a fork. If you don’t eat pork,

you will end up with a Murphy grenade in your oven, as poking lets the steam inside potato out without bursting.


  • Heat the oven, microwave or crockpot to 350 degrees.
  • Poke 10 to 13 holes all over the potato using a standard fork
  • Put in a bowl and rub lightly with butter.
  • Scatter kosher salt on it and put the potato directly on the frame in the middle of the oven.

Bottom line: You don’t need any butter, cooling cream or oil when you bake potatoes. It,therefore, has no fats or extra calories

4. Make Your fat-free Chips


Slice a potato into small pieces and put it in pot boiling water 5 minutes.

Drain them well till its moisture free and rub a little oil on it.

Sprinkle some salt, pepper or any other spices such as garlic or basil on it

Place the slices on the ready baking sheet in a single layer and Bake them for 10-15 minutes and keep turning them till it became crispy and wonderfully brown.

You can also choose to toss them in a beaten egg white before baking

Bottomline: Unlike the deep frying the French fries, baked chips are low in fat and can substitute the French fries

5. Roasting Potatoes


Just from the sound of it, you can tell that potato roasting has got nothing to do with butter, cream or cooking oil.

Peel them and bake them for 35minutes in a pre-heat oven to 425F.

The final product will be crispy, with a golden brown exterior.

Bottom line: baked potatoes are fat-free given that you only peel, wash and cook them in an oven!


Potatoes vary depending on the starch quantities they contain. Their last textures also differ once you cook them.

Others are suitable for boiling, mashing, baking or even roasting. Potatoes can be high-starch, low-starch or medium-starch. It is important to know which is appropriate for what type of low-fat cooking.

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