Hyderabad based Organic Virat Farms

  • Hyderabad based Organic Virat Farms
  • Hyderabad based Organic Virat Farms
Hyderabad based Organic Virat Farms

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We all should understand what Organic Milk is. On average, cows raised in confinement on grains produce more than three times as much milk as the family cow of days gone by and 15 times the amount required to raise a healthy calf. This is a blessing for the farmer but a bane for the consumer. More milk from the cow equals less nutrients for those who consume it. The less milk a cow produces, the more vitamins in her milk.

Some organic producers adhere to more sustainable practices than this but most do not.Cows evolved to eat grass not grains. This means organic dairy farming is a very delicate system. Organic cows must also be kept free from antibiotic use. Painful inflammation of the mammary glands, or mastitis, is common among cows raised for their milk, and it is one of dairy farms’ most frequently cited reasons for sending cows to slaughter. In order to check milk quality there is system called ‘bulk tank somatic cell count’ which is used to detect bacteria levels usually indicating mastitis. This is basically testing for the amount of pus in milk.

Milk consists of three parts: 1) fat or cream, 2) whey, and 3) milk solids or proteins (aka lactose, casein, etc.). One such protein is called beta casein and apparently this protein is different depending on what breed of cow produces it. There are two types: A1 and A2 beta caseins. These two proteins are digested by our bodies differently and the A1 type has been shown to interfere with our immune response (ever get excess mucous in your throat from drinking milk? (Source : OurHomemadeLife.com)

Hyderabad based Organic Virat Farms Hyderabad based Organic Virat Farms

Before having a baby, I was least bothered about the adulterated food. Never had any thought in my mind about poultry products or packaged milk or dairy products. But when our son came to our life, after 9 years of struggle, I decided to give him the best and safe product, as much as I can. So I never introduced formula milk to him. Did breastfeeding till 6 months exclusively, and after that solids along with breastmilk till 1yr. Pediatrician suggested cow's milk after 1yr. When I've asked him about brand, he told me any packaged or farm milk will be fine. But I was not convinced with both of them. As I myself have never trusted on packaged milk & on the other hand I've read the articles about too much hormonal injection giving to the cattle’s for producing more milk nowadays, which leads to earlier puberty for kids. So till the pamphlet of Virat Organic Farm I was only breastfeeding him, and giving calcium rich food on the side. Though milk is not mandatory for a kid, it is said in recent days. But it's easier to give some warm milk with homemade biscuits after waking up in the morning than preparing breakfast. Then you can get some time to make yummy breakfast for your foodie baby.

So as soon so we received the pamphlet, I asked my husband to call them. After calling them, they gave us the information that, they have 2 types of cow in their farm.

  • 1st type cow gives 4liter milk daily, which is Rs 65/per liter
  • 2nd type cow produce only 2liter, which costs the highest Rs 90/- per liter

We have decided to take all the three types, and check how they are. Next morning we got 3 packets from them and I did boil them in 3 different pans. First of all, the color of the milk is totally different from regular packaged milk. The milk looks like pale yellowish, thick and smells like animal milk or I should be more specific just like human milk. I was satisfied with this, and for the first time I've started giving cow's milk to my son. When I prepared tea/coffee out of it, the taste has changed and tea became tastier. Now I make ghee out of the malai which I get from the milk, and it tastes far better than store bought and I know what the baby is actually having. I am totally relaxed on milk consumption of my son. Absolute trust worthy Farm you can ever had. Soon I'll get back to you with the review of the Chicken & egg product.

Call Virat Farms @ 7386659197 to try a sample

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