Different Aspects of the Food License

  • Different Aspects of the Food License
Different Aspects of the Food License

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The Food License is extremely important to get your food handling business started. No matter which side of the field you are involved into, but if it is related to the food you need to have the FSSAI license. Having your business certified with this certificate and approval you will get a certificate of quality and safety in your food. The license makes sure that the food is extremely safe and secure for public’s consumption and will do them no harm. Other than the procedure and steps to get the Food License there are also some of the lesser-known facts about the topic to be discussed in this article.

Need to get the FSSAI Food License

  1. This brings in the confidence of the consumer’s in the food as it is an assurance of the quality and safety of the food.
  2. The certification will also give you enough chance to get innovative with the food products and promote it.
  3. Also, you will be given a great help in removing multiple regulations from the products.
  4. This will surely give you an advantage o trade your products without having to compromise on any aspect including the customer safety.
  5. Also, it enables you to trade the products on a larger share and platform.

The Main Motive of FSSAI Food License

  • It basically aims at decentralizing the licensing and selling of the food products without the involvement of any external body.
  • You will be able and well authorized to sell the food products very easily and within a time span of a month.
  • The procedure is made easy and without any much complication to make it usable by anyone.
  • You do not need any kind of license for the small FBO’s. Only the basic registration is required and compulsory to do by all of the Small-scale FBO’s.
  • This act surely gives a level of safety to all the consumers and ensures them the standard quality for each and every certified goods they are consuming.
  • Compensations are given to any of the victims due to any of the irresponsibility or lagging behind in the services.
  • The Food License department has full authority to cancel any license in the case found exploiting the guidelines or set laws.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Any of the food business operators must apply for the food license or the restraint license depending on the business they are involved in.
  • If the business is being operated in more than one state it is required for you to mention the head office and avail an additional central license for it.
  • All the people involved in the importing business require only one central Food License that too on their import exports code address.
  • All the people involved in the food handling business must follow all the rules and regulations that are mandatory for the registration, in order to avail their licenses.

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