Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie Recipe

  • Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie Recipe
Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie Recipe

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What is a Smoothie?

A smoothie is a beverage that is made by blending raw fruits and mixing those with ice, water, sweeteners, and other ingredients. The health benefits that one can get from a smoothie will depend on its ingredients. In general, it is a lot healthier than other beverages because its main ingredients are raw fruits.

Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies

Before we learn how to make a smoothie, it is worth knowing what benefits one can derive from this kind of drink. First, drinking smoothies is a great way of getting the nourishment needed by your body.

Fruits are very rich in vitamins. There are several fruit categories and each one is rich in a certain vitamins. These fruit categories are:

Citrus fruits Berries Tropical Drupes Pomes Melons

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and folate. Berries are rich in antioxidants which fight inflammation. All the other categories have a lot of vitamins and other nutrients.

Another reason why you should regularly drink smoothies is because it is rich in fiber. It can help you to meet your daily requirement of fiber. That daily requirement is around 25 grams for women and around 30 to 38 grams for men.

When creating your own smoothie, you also get to choose the base that you would use. You can choose to use water, milk, soy milk, or yogurt. The base would add bulk to the beverage that you are making.

Smoothies can be used as meal replacements. When you are trying to lose weight, instead of eating regular meal, you can turn to smoothies. These drinks can give you the nutrients that you need without the cholesterol and other bad things that can make you fat.

Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie Recipe

To ensure that you get the most benefits from your smoothie, you should make your own. You just need a blender and the ingredients. Here is how you can make a strawberry banana oat smoothie.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • A cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • One and a half ripe bananas
  • One half cup quick oats
  • One tablespoon honey
  • One half teaspoon vanilla extract
  • One half cup Greek yogurt.
  • Two cups frozen strawberries.
  • Take out your blender or food processor. A blender will be better since you can get smoother consistency with it.
  • Add the fruits first. Fresh fruits are best but for other types of smoothie, you can also use canned fruits.
  • Next, you can add the liquid into the blender. For this recipe, we are using unsweetened almond milk and Greek yogurt but you can also use other liquids that you prefer. You can stick to plain water too.
  • Then you can add the quick oats. This would also be the time for you to add protein if you want your smoothie to become a complete meal.
  • Another optional step is to add some green to your smoothie. Add a little spinach or kale to the mixture, it wouldn’t be noticeable and the flavor would not be affected.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients. You can add some more sweeteners if you prefer and some ice.
  • Place the lid on the blender and turn it on. As you see the fruits being blended, increase the setting gradually.
  • Some blenders have settings for smoothie. If your blender does not have that option, you can use the puree setting.
  • Once it has achieved the smoothness that you want, turn off the blender and let it stand for a minute.
  • Taste the smoothie before you serve it or before you transfer it. If you’re unsatisfied with the taste, you can add more ingredients.

That’s how you can make your own strawberry banana oat smoothie. You can get a lot of nutrients from this healthy combination, but it’s not enough for you to have all the nutrients you need. Try different smoothies and combinations every day. That way, you can get the most out of this kind of beverage.

Drink up!

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