Review of Refreshbags - Keep Vegetables Magically Fresh & Crispy

Review of Refreshbags - Keep Vegetables Magically Fresh & Crispy

Today I'm going to share my experience of using 'Refreshbags'. Most of the time we bloggers do share our experiences of using ingredients, kitchen appliances, gadgets, but we have never get chance to share our experiences of using any such products to keep our vegetables fresh for days. Because we never have seen such products which is made for such purpose.

Vegetables serve as the main source of vitamins and minerals for our body. By eating vegetables everyday, we gain necessary nutrients. For the same reason, our daily food habit includes these vegetables in it. Now one thing is clear that we will be healthy if we consume these vegetables everyday.

In our daily busy life it's really difficult to go to market everyday and buy fresh vegetables. And there is another problem of daily buying vegetables is our nuclear family. In most of families there are only 2 or 3 maximum 4 people. And for such small families daily buying vegetables will be too much time consuming. So we do the vegetables shopping on weekends, mostly Sundays. But after Wednesday the vegetables become dull and the freshness goes away. And at the end of the week, most of them go to the Dustbin. This was going on for years. But no way out. Specially lemons, capsicums, cucumbers, they just shrinks, loose the color and become pale and not fresh.

Here comes the role of 'Refresh bag'. Now here a question may arise, why 'Refresh bag', why not normal 'cotton bags'. So here is the answer:

  1. 'Refresh bag has a unique thread count and thread pattern which is optimal for maintaining the required humidity which in turn keeps the vegetables fresh.
  2. These fridge bags are Environmentally friendly. These are reusable bags made exclusively for vegetables.
  3. These reusable bags lasts many years. This material is capable of holding the required moisture content inside.
Let me tell you some amazing features of ''Refresh bag'.
  1. Vegetables just love this bag : The fabric is scientifically designed to provide optimal humidity and natural condition for vegetables to enjoy the stay in your refrigerator. As they live happily , they live long.
  2. Eco friendly, Reusable and Washable : It is Environmentally friendly. You can reuse these for many years. It is good for you and good for the environment.
  3. You can keep most of the vegetables in the Refreshbag except some of them.

Refreshbag may not work for these vegetables: Any vegetable that hates humidity and moisture cannot be used. Examples would be Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, cauliflower, brocoli, tomatoes etc. Usually, these vegetables are stored in open air condition.

Why should you buy Refreshbag instead of plastic bags?

Basically, plastic is made out of chemicals that will harm the person's health. The chemicals that are used to make plastic include BPA and DEHA. According to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, grocery bags are made from high-density polyethylene or low-density polyethylene and in for recycling as a 2 or 4. When food is stored in plastic bags these chemicals can leach into the food and then be ingested. This also includes plastic wrap, which is made up of similar components, says the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Over time these chemicals have been linked to tissue changes, genetic damage, chromosomal errors, miscarriage, birth defects, early onset of puberty and hormonal changes. In children, chemical leaching can cause harm to their developing immune system and can result in disrupted hormones and behavioral problems.

So it's the right time for a change, move to 'Refresh bag', not only for helping in keeping the vegetables healthy but also caring about your health and environment. For order, please visit their website.

How to use Refresh bag? Just wet a bag, squeeze a bit, keep the vegetables into it and keep inside the refrigerator, wet the bag in every 3 to 4 days.

Refresh Bag Dimensions: Height:35 Cm ( 13.8 inch) Width:28 Cm ( 11 inch)

A set of 4 bags will be enough for 3 people's family.