Ciba Taaza Spices

Review :

Being a blogger, I do product reviews side by side of developing recipes. It's being 4 years I'm collaborating with renowned brands, reviewing their products, foodstyling with their products. Recently I've come accross the CIBA GROUP / CIBA MASALA UDYOG & collaborated with them. The company basically works as a spice company named CIBA TAAZA SPICES. It's not being easy to be impressed with all brands whom you're collaborating. But we still have to do a possitive review, but this Ciba Groups are really a genuine brand which can make you impressed by their flavoreful spices. A brand with a dream to conquer the entire food base of India comes with some best quality spice mixes. This is a Alwar, Rajasthan based spice company, who are serving since 1984. While they sent me their products, I though it might be a regular spice brand, like the other brands in the market. But then comes a brand who surprises you with their products and impress you to the core. I tried their 'Chatkari Chaat Masala' first and it's finger licking good. It has a tongue tickling taste in it which can make any plain food super tasty. Then I've tried their Pav Bhaji masala, and I've just followed the instruction on the box written, and the Pav Bhaji tastes exactly like Mumbai Street Style. Since 1984, Ciba, has been giving the naturally grown and processed spices, to make the cooking a spicy affair. They are sincerely care about the consumers, Ciba makes sure that from procurement to packaging, at every step, their unpolished pulses & premium spices follow only the world’s best Quality Control procedures. No artificial colours or fillers goes into the making of our Masalas, only market products that are naturally delicious and are 100 percent safe for consumption. At the moment, Ciba is one of the best masala companies in the North of India and is gradually, They have wide range of Vegetarian and Non-vgetarian spices, unpolished pulses, poha, pasta, vermicelli etc. Strongly recommend their products. Ciba Taaza Spices --- 'Chakh ke dekho'....


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