Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

Aamlicious Thali --- Mango Festival @ Khandani Rajdhani Spring has already passed and the hot scorching summer is here. But somehow I like Summer only because it's the season of the King of Fruits, yes you got me right, it's the time of Mango, most of our favorite fruit. You barely find someone who doesn't like Mango. So when we received the invitation from the renowned restaurant chain 'Khandani Rajdhani', we didn't give a second thought but agreed to attend the event.

Rajdhani is a pretty famous vegetarian chain restaurant, which is famous for their Madwari thali. Like every year they've organised Aamlicious-The Mango Festival for 45 days, from 12th April To 31st May 2019. Almost 20 types of Mango infused dishes, from which 7 to 8 types of Mango dishes are served on rotational basis for every meal. Mango is such a versatile fruit you can put in any recipe. Either ripe or unripe, any mango can make an ordinary dish super tasty. And in Khandani Rajdhani they have proved me absolutely right. Chef Maharaj, curated the menu so nicely, with the help of Corporate Chef of Rajdhani & Rasovara Sugata Sengupta.

At our table, we were catered to the famous Khandani Rajdhani service- a server approached us with a bowl and some water so we could clean our hands.

We were served

  1. Kairi Panna
  2. Kesari Aam Thandai

as our welcome drink. The Panna was great, but I must a special mention about the Thandai. Sprinkled with cashews, pistachios, and some saffron, made my mood to gorge the Aamlicious Thali.

Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

After that they started with their starter like :

  1. Cheesy Aam Dhokli
  2. Mango Khandvi
  3. Kacchha Aam Nu Muthiya
  4. Rasila Aam Papad Samosa
  5. Aam Potli Kachori
  6. Jodhpuri Aam Dhokli
  7. Aamras Khasta Kachori Chaat
  8. Aamras Paalak Chat and
  9. Kairi Bhakarwadi Chaat

Each and every items were delicious, but yes here is another special mention about the 'Cheesy Aam Dhokli'. It was melted in mouth with nice but perfectly mango flavored.

Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

The main course consisted :

  1. Ker Sangri Aamboliya (a unique Rajasthani vegetable),
  2. Goonda Kairi Nu Saag and
  3. Rajasthani Kaju Aur Aam Ki Subzi.
  4. Aam ki Launji,
  5. Gol Amboliya and
  6. Kairi Samose Ki Subzi.

My husband finished the Aam ki launji in a minute.

Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

All of this with of course:

  1. Puri,
  2. Thepla,
  3. Roti,
  4. Jeera parathas and
  5. Bhakris
Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

For Daal and Kadhi, we were served

  1. Kairi Surthi Dal,
  2. Kairi Pyaaz Pakoda Kadhi and
  3. Mango samber.
Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

We were too much full, but after that they served :

  1. Aam Pista Pulav and
  2. Marwari Kacchi Kairi Ki Biryani

Both items made a special space in stomach. And I must thank to the Chef for these 2 delicious rice items, and insisting us to taste a bit. Never thought rice items could be so tasty with mango flavor.

Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

Last but not the least , which are also must try :

  1. Mango Basundhi &
  2. Mango slice stuffed Manpua with Rabdi
Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani
Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani

Special thanks to 'Khandani Rajdhani' for hosting us at their 'Aamlicious 2019 --- Mango fest'. It was one of the most delicious meal experiences we’ve had in a while. Mango lovers of Hyderabad, you absolutely must check it out. And a special mention, they're serving unlimited Aam Ras this season.

Rajdhani has 2 outlets in Hyderabad,

  1. 3rd floor, Food court, Forum Sujana Mall
  2. Level 1, Uptown Banjara, Opposite Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Rd 3, Banjara Hills

Aamlicious is going on in Banjara Hills' outlet only. For 2 INR 950/-

Mango Festival @Khandani Rajdhani