China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner

China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner

First Floor, Signature Towers opposite Botanical Garden, Kondapur

China Bistro serves one of the best quality of Asian cuisine ranging from Chinese,Thai Korean ,Japanese and other far-eastern cuisine. The ambiance and settings are eye catching. Welcomed by the miniature version of Chinese soldiers' statue. This place Has a massive seating area & huge collections of Chinese soldiers' photos too, which made this place feel like China Town. Check the location of China Bistro .

Me & my friends went there for dinner on last Thursday. We were welcomed by a stuff at the entrance & seated in a corner couch plus chair area. Then they served us a complimentary appetizer called Amuse Bouch, a shot which is made with Yogurt, fresh cream and coriander flavored. It's like a small appetizer, feels like refreshed inside the mouth & yes just prepared your mouth for the food, just kidding.

Starting off with eight treasure chicken soup, it was delicious with perfect consistency and spice. A sweet corn based with added 8 veggies to it. In the veg starters we got to try :

  • Asparagus Tempura roll
  • Veg Basil dumpling
  • South Asian cottage cheese
  • Crispy Thai lotus stem.
China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner

Though I'm a hard core Non-vegetarian, but still South Asian cottage cheese I loved the most, it was a show's stopper. Crispy Thai Lotus stem was okish, I had it for the first time. The non veg starters were a delight. In non veg starter :

  • Ginger Chicken Jiazi
  • Salmon Roll, though I'm not a sushi fan, but still liked it.
  • Fire roasted Mandarin Chicken, which was visually amazing & taste wise also just perfect. Hot crispy & firey too. The spice level was just perfectly matched my taste buds
  • Fish Pepper Hot Basil Sauce was also a nice variety, crispy lightly coated fish in a spicy sauce.
  • Now the Bao Time comes. No shame in confessing, that it was my First experience of tasting Bao. I've heard a lot about Bao, but never tasted before. And without using much complicated word, I just loved it. Soft melt in mouth crust stuffed with crispy BBQ Chicken. Perfect combination.
China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner

Now come to the Main Course, wait! still there are 4 items to have. OMG, the starters were so amazing & tasty, I was almost full. But still 4 sides & 2 main dishes I'd to try.

In veg there were :

  • Assorted Veg Hot Garlic Sauce
  • Veg Dumpling in Soya Chili Sauce, both were equally good

Now come to the Non veg part :

  • Mao's favorite Chicken
  • Fish in Sichuan Chili Sauce, in which is a must try.

Along with :

  • Nasi Goreng Fried Rice
  • Singapore Rice Noodles
China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner

"Oh Ma'am please be seated", requested me by the Manager when I was about to leave, as I was too full already, no place for water also. But when they served me the dessert, somehow my tummy helped me to make a small space inside :D

  • Starting with Buddha’s Fu was as delicious as beautifully it was presented . A base of apricot and mango sweet topped with vanilla ice cream , caramel and chocolate powder, platted with blueberry jam ; all the ingredients complimented each other very well .
  • The second we had was Chocolate Tsunami. As the name itself says , it is a heaven for chocolate lovers.
China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner
China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner
China Bistro - Asian Cuisine Around The Corner