Melbourne’s Top Five Best Spanish Restaurants

Melbourne’s Top Five Best Spanish Restaurants

If you are in Melbourne and you wish to enjoy some Spanish cuisine such as mouthwatering tapas, superb seafood, delicious traditional roasts, and many others, there are some Spanish restaurants you can look into. Below are five of the best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne:

Mo Vida Restaurant :

This restaurant not only offers delicious food and great wine, but it is also spacious and has an excellent ambience, giving the patrons a reason to stay longer and enjoy more of those delicacies. This restaurant started as a casual tapas bar, but over the years, it has been changed into an on-demand dining venue with bookings made even several months earlier. Mo Vida Next Door, a sister restaurant, came in to fill the gap that Mo Vida left for a calm tapas bar. While enjoying tapas and other dishes, don’t eat so much so that you can also have some dessert. You can also sample some signature dishes and seasonal specials by allowing the kitchen to order on your behalf. A visit to Mo Vida will no doubt make you understand why it is highly praised the world over as one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. Its physical address is 1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Melbourne’s Top Five Best Spanish Restaurants

Tinto Restaurant :

Tinto is comprised of a bar, a dining area, and a footpath for eating, as well as a courtyard though it is small. The most outstanding feature of the place is its long Spanish style bar that is ideal for a less formal meeting with friends or just for one to sit alone. The restaurant capitalizes on quality wine and food offered in a casual and friendly environment. Its popularity makes patrons visit it in droves, so you need to make earlier reservations since you may not manage to just check in and hang around the bar. Tinto is located at 555/557 Burwood Rd., Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia.

Vamos : Vamos is situated right in the heart of Melbourne’s theatre district and brings the best of both Spain and Latin America cuisines and drinks to its visitors with a Melbourne touch. This place offers the best environment for you to catch a drink, get a bite, or just relax with friends. While selecting your choice of Spanish dishes and drinks, or just sipping any of the drinks, you will be treated to some incredible live music. Both vegetarians and meat lovers will get their preferred dishes served to their liking. You can check out Vamos online and book a reservation or even make inquiries. Make a mental note to visit them at Level 1, 37 Little Bourke St., Melbourne.

Simply Spanish QVM Restaurant :

This restaurant prides itself in using the season's top-quality products to make the most exciting, fresh, and delicious foods. Its promise to its clientele is to offer the best of food and drinks in a relaxed and lively setting. It has a vast outdoor seating space and a cozy, beautiful indoor space where you could have a quick cup of coffee, hearty breakfast, or just a bit of a snack to help you make it through the afternoon slump. Find the restaurant at Queen Victoria Market, 513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Anada Bar & Restaurant :

This restaurant’s offerings are heavily influenced by the Andalucia’s peasant food from Southern Spain as well as those of the Muslim Mediterranean. The knowledgeable staff here serve such a myriad of both local and Spanish beers and wines that you can hardly find an empty glass. The dishes are the best of their kind and fill Anada with life. Guests typically make dinner and lunch bookings, but there are also walk-in spots at the bar. If you want to entertain some guests, the largest table can sit up to 12 people, so go ahead and book it. Wondering where Anada is located? Well, it’s at 197 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. There you it, have some of the best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne, although not in any particular order. You may also explore others to expand the list and excite your taste buds with the best of Spanish cuisine.