Every Details About SUPERGAS

Every Details About SUPERGAS

In the recent days, most of us can’t think of staying in hometown and establishing their career. You might have to go out of your hometown for a few months in a tour or you might be posted permanently in different cities. Staying in a PG or Hostel may not be possible all the time, as someone can have his/her family with them. So, a new nest, a new life has to start in a city far away from hometown. There is no certainty of the span that you're going to stay in that city. When you're going to start a new life, the most important thing you need is cooking gas which is very much needed for your daily survival. The most viable option one can think is transferring of their gas connection. Gas connection can be transferred. But transferring your Gas Connection takes a long time with a complex procedure. It's a burden, transferring connection every time you hop town and for students it's a big problem, as they can't apply for their own LPG connection.

Here Private Gas Connection services take a major role. How? It's very simple, because Private LPG companies provide gas connections with hassle free procedures.

Every Details About SUPERGAS

How can I get a Private LPG Connection? There are few Private Gas Services in the local market, among them SUPERGAS. SUPERGAS is an obvious choice because of their services like instant gas connection, total reimbursement of your deposit, prompt delivery and extensive network of franchisees along with absolute guarantee of safety. They are customer friendly and are very reliable for the obvious reason. SHV Energy Private Ltd operates in India under the brand name SUPERGAS. They are the first and only private LPG player with pan India presence. It has earned the reputation of being a reliable provider of efficient energy solutions.

Every Details About SUPERGAS

From their inception in 1996 until now, SUPERGAS has transformed the Indian LPG sector and journeyed ahead to become a leading LPG player across customer segments. To meet the ever-growing needs for high quality LPG, they are continuously equipping their infrastructure across the country. Owing to their financial strength and commitment to technical excellence, safety, vast franchisee network and high customer service standards, they have consistently been the recipient of CRISIL Rating No.1.

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Explain the various platforms/channels through a person can get SUPERGAS connection:-

  • Download SUPERGAS LPG Mobile App and provide your documents
  • Submit your detail in Website (
  • Walk-in to your nearest franchisee (
  • Give Missed call to 9537522174.

Benefits of SUPERGAS Connection:

  • Immediate Gas connection is the benefit that sticks out a mile.
  • Availing an LPG gas connection with SUPERGAS suppliers is quite a simple and convenient process with almost zero documentation.
  • You only have to give a copy of one of your national identity cards and residence proof copy. They also accept self-attested letters as residence proof. Now, how cool is that!
  • SUPERGAS distributors deliver connection in less than a day.
  • The security money and other deposit (if any) will be reimbursed to you completely.
  • To refill, you do not need to book days in advance. One call and the cylinder will be delivered in less than 24 hours.
  • There will be no compromise on Quality or Quantity as they have to meet stringent government strictures regarding those.
  • In case of any complaint, contact customer service care and your grievance will be looked into immediately.
Every Details About SUPERGAS

Personal Experience With SUPERGAS:

In 2009 when we moved to Chennai from Kolkata, we had no idea about the gas services there. We were clueless about everything, as at that time no other Gas services were easily available, you had to apply and wait for long time. Suddenly we came to know about SUPERGAS services, which will provide a new connection within 24 hours. You can directly go to the store & pay for the new connection, oven & the cylinder and they will install the oven & cylinder at your home within few hours. Whenever you want refill just call them, they'll do the refill within 24 hours and pay on refill delivery. Yes, the gas service has no subsidy so it will cost you little more than the regular gas services, but you're getting a new connection easily. SUPERGAS has many outlets throughout the country, they've individual stores & also they've retail outlets, where from you can easily get the service. So new connection of gas is that easy just like groceries. Go pay & grab it. When you are a foody and that too crave for home cooked food, the most important item to consider at the first is the Gas connection and we feel that SUPERGAS is the best and easily available one within your reach.