It's the 1st week of December, and like every year the Weather is awesome in Kolkata, not very cold but enjoyable. This is the perfect time for enjoying rich and delicious Indian food. So many food festivals are going around in the different places.

As a blogger, we're attending most of them as a representative of Kolkata Food Bloggers. My recent stop was @Durbari, Swissotel, Kolkata, the newest luxury dinning for foodies.

This time they brought the authentic flavor of Punjab with the help of Chef Gurmeet Singh, from Amritsar. Chef is doing this professionally for more than 15 years. He brought the Authentic cooking in Punjabi food. Though a vegetarian, he cooks both the Veg & Non-veg very efficiently. He tries to keep all the Punjabi authenticity in his cooking.

When he was asked what he keeps in his mind while he travels in different states to represent Amritsar, soft spoken Chef replied he only wants to win the hearts through his cooking.

While we asked for the recipe of 'Sarson Da Saag', he smiled and describe the whole process without any hesitations. I think his generousness and love for his job made him so famous.

I and my fellow KFBian blogger Indrani attended the event with some other food bloggers as well on the 2nd level of Swissotel, which is named Durbari, an Indian themed fine dining. Enakshi Kundu, The PR and Marco Saxer, the GM of Swissotel welcomed us.

As is the case always, the welcome, the greeting, the service was just super and personalized. We followed them to their private Dining Hall. The food festival offers you a full course dinner without alcohol.

As we downed our welcome drink, the restaurant had an unexpected surprise for us, the signature Punjabi welcome drink 'Kesariya Lassi' . Chef Gurmeet Singh joined us after few minutes later.

We talked over the food for almost all the time. I talked about my love for the Punjabi Food, thought being a Bengali by birth.

After the Lassi, we offered the Deep fried & Roasted Papad, which Chef brought with himself all the way from Amritsar, along with 5 different types of Dips. Then few must try starters from the menu were served from the menu, like Tangdi Kebab, Bhutte Da Kebab, Amritsari Fish, Bhatti Da Kukkad. All of them has authentic in taste. All the Tandoor items were cooked in Traditional Tandoor only.

Though our tummies were almost full, the mesmerising aroma of other dishes was hard to resist. We then delved into traditional Punjabi vegetarian & non-vegeterian delicacies like, Sarson Da Saag Te Makki Di Roti, Amritsari Stuffed Kulche & Chole, Gosht Rahara, Chajju Da Bhuna MEat, Battely Da Magaz Masala. All of them were very delicious. Dishes were made in Pure desi Ghee.

After the lip-smaking main course, we were served the Complementary dessert from Swissotel, Nolen Gur Ice-cream & Pan Ice-cream. We thought the lunch was over, but no there was another surprise from Chef Gurmeet Singh, he brought 2 authentic Punjabi Meetha with him to taste us,  Dal Ki Pinni &Bugga. Finally we finished the all of them and got time to capture the picture of the dishes and some snaps of Chefs.

A must try for Punjabi food lovers. More importantly, the entire sequence of service starting with starters to desserts was just seamless.
The Punjabi Food Festival has started from 4th December 2015 will run till 14th December.
Location: The Durbari, 2nd Level, Swissotel, CC2.
From Monday to Friday, 7-11p.m. And Friday to Sunday 12:30 to 3:30p.m.

If you really want to satisfy your craving for the Chef's authentic menu please do visit during the festival.