First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

Warangal A city of Temples

Since this is my first travel post, let me to briefly introduce our family: Abhishek, my husband; Abhimit, our adorable 10-month-old baby; and I, Moumita. We are from Kolkata, the city of joy, but we currently reside in Hyderabad. A few months ago, we were actually considering when our young son would enter this wonderful world and complete our family. After those many months, my little son is now 10 months old, and to break up the monotonous routine, we considered taking a trip. It was to Warangal, an adjacent city. My close friend, who also resides in Hyderabad, was with us. Sujaya and Sandipan are their names.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

Therefore, a train trip from Secunderabad station to Warangal was arranged. We got up at 5 AM as usual and fed the baby so we could focus on the other chores that needed to be done. I had tea, ate a quick breakfast, and then I started to cook some food for my son, who has been relying on outside food up until this point. The only thing left to do was take a bath and get dressed for vacation as we had already packed our bags the day before.

At 10 AM, the cab arrived promptly. We three set out for Secunderabad from our home. Our buddy and her husband were met at the station. Before heading to the platform to join the 17202 Golconda Express, I had a brief snack. Never having been in an AC chair car previously, I was curious to see how the seats would be arranged and whether Abhimit would enjoy it. I boarded the train; it was a fine seat, but one that was close to the restrooms.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

The train left at precisely 1 PM. After feeding Abhimit so that he wouldn't be disturbed or cry, the talk began. The husbands of my friend and I who were seated on the other side began conversing as well. A few tea breaks came, and everyone were snacking, but the train was not moving quickly. We were all having the same conversation because we had planned to visit local sights that day and evening.

oh...I neglected to mention the amusing incident—a woman was seated on the opposite side of our spouses. She had expressed her dissatisfaction with our presence to the guard and TC. Our spouses began chatting louder and causing more disruption as soon as the TC warned us the same. She couldn't handle it, so she turned on some music and put on her headphones to divert her attention. In any case, it was enjoyable.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

We were all exhausted about three o'clock since the train was not going quickly; it was already 40 minutes late and still had two stops to go. The previous Warangal station, Kazipet, was being entered. All plans to go out in the evening were dashed because it was raining outside. We suddenly considered stopping in Kazipet because it was halfway between Warangal and Kazipet from the hotel where we would rest. My husband initially objected to our idea, but after some prodding, we decided, "Let's do it." We got down, where it had started to drizzle a little, covered Abhimit, placed him in the stroller, and then moved toward the station exit.

Our husband’s in mean time has come with the news that there is no prepaid car service or OLA or Uber facility. So, it was necessary to take an auto to get to Hotel Haritha Kakatiya from the train station. Considering that it was a government hotel in the first place and that TripAdvisor has little reviews of it.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

When the car stopped at the main gate, I was astonished by the hotel's condition, which was just as I had expected and had seen on the website. shocked a lot. Okay, let's enter and tour the chambers. I was able to tell at the reception that I was not in Hyderabad because few people could understand Hindi and the English they did understand was not very good. We got to our rooms, which were AC deluxe rooms, after checking in.

My heart was racing as I waited to find out what was happening within the rooms. I opened the door and peeked inside. Everything was excellent; the rooms were tidy and the bed linens were fresh. had adequate windows, doors, and bathroom faucets that were working. Okay, I'm expressing my relief. Smiling, he sat on the bed. To go out and explore nearby locations, it was necessary to change and get ready. Abhimit need feeding and diaper changes. So much to do in a short period of time. Okay, I've dressed up, showered, fed Abhimit, changed his clothes, and changed his diaper. Currently, I must leave because pals were waiting.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

We then made it to the Bhadrakali temple. The temple, which is among the oldest in Indian history, is devoted to the worship of Kali Matha, also known as Bhadrakali Ammavaru, the mother of the goddesses. Over a sizable area, the temple was dispersed. Ancient carvings, ancient texts, god and goddess statues, and a wonderful atmosphere. Not too busy; we visited the idols, offered prayers, and marveled by what we saw.

On the edges of Bhadrakali Lake is where this temple is situated. While one submits in submission to the highest force, the calm surroundings of the temple serve as a bonus and aid in relaxing the mind and soothing the spirit. More pictures, posturing, and worship were taken before they left. At Warangal Fort was the next destination. Auto driver urged us to hurry because the show timings would soon be done because we too wanted to see the Light & Sound. We began once more. I should note and praise how well-kept and tidy the roads are. There are also no cigaret buts lying around. Arrived at the fort, which is quite old with very little of the original building remaining. All I could make out were four gates, a melodic rock, and a few scattered

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

The trip from Warrangal Fort to the hotel took about 45 minutes. After getting dressed and feeding Abhimit, they walked downstairs to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Because Abhimit was in a stroller and the service was terrible, we looked for a place where we could eat comfortably and watch Abhimit at the same time. When the necessary table was not clean, the waiter was requested to do the same. We were shocked to see him wiping the table with a paper napkin. We repeatedly told him to clean before ordering food, including one chili chicken dry, roti, dal fry, and chicken masala. Around 11:30 AM, everyone gathered downstairs. We got in the car and began the approximately 75-kilometer trip to the Ramappa temple after the driver had already arrived. Exceptionally skilled driver; drove like James Bond J.

We started chatting in the car, took pictures, and noticed a large snake crossing the road. When we got to the Ramappa temple, it was already hot and humid, and my husband and son were perspiring. Nice temple, very old, many artifacts have been lost to erosion. In front of the temple is a lovely garden. I discovered taal (Asian plam fruit) in the garden, picked one so I could make some tasty desserts and take pictures. From there, go to the close-by Ramappa Lake. It was so full of monkeys, and my son loved it.

First Vacation of Chomchom - Warangal

Then, starting from there, we traveled to the far-off Laknavaram Lake. The roadside was excellent, and we appreciated the rural neighborhood's rural setting away from the urban and metropolitan life. Thought of eating lunch along the way as it would take around 30 minutes to get there.

Stopped to another Haritha eatery but was unable to eat there because a visiting forest minister was there. resented his presence and considered eating on the road or at Lakhnavaram Lake. After arriving at the destination without eating, I ate some chips in the car. Vehicle has to be kept two kilometers away from the lake. We set off on foot, arrived at Lakhnavaram Jhula, and continued on the same path without encountering any water because everyone advised visiting the lake in August. When I got to the other side, I considered checking the restaurant for food, but there was none. On the lake, there are several built homes that require a ferry to access. Very empty location, poor food and communication, perfect for a honey moon, and nobody to bother J. But it's not the best place to stay if you have a little child.

We took pictures and loved going across the oldest and only cantilever bridge. returned to the parking lot. Son needed to be fed again with milk, and we also needed to eat more since we might pick up some food to eat on the way back, possibly only at the motel. After some time, we began the trip back.

The following morning, after eating breakfast and packing up all of their possessions, they got ready by 10 AM to check out of the hotel and head to the station to take the 10:30 AM Golconda Express. The train was 18 minutes late, according to the internet, so I only left for the station at 10 AM because it would take 10 minutes to get there.

The train was 52 minutes late when I arrived at the station. I fed my son while waiting in the waiting area. Husbands went to investigate the location of the train. The train was actually 52 minutes late. I overheard someone say that it would arrive on station 3 by 12 PM.

When it arrived, we boarded and this time, the train seat was comfortable. Had a cup of tea and engaged in gossip while feeling unsatisfied that the holiday was gone. Son was upsetting because he needed to sleep. At 4 PM, I arrived in Secunderabad. I took Uber home and said to my buddies GoodBye.

Overall, the trip was enjoyable. The location and sights were lovely, and we learned a lot about what needs to change in order to transport a 10-month-old on the road. Okay, bye for now. I hope to make you feel the same way I did and speak with you once again when we visit Agra in September.