Visakhapatnam - The Sea Side

Visakhapatnam - The Sea Side - Brilliant combination of Hill and Sea

Visakhapatnam is the largest city and the financial capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.The city is the administrative headquarters of Visakhapatnam district and the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy.

Visakhapatnam - The Sea Side

It was our 3rd family trip with our kid, who is about to complete 18 months. So he is quite big now to enjoy the tour. We planned our pre 10th anniversary trip to North Goa on February 5th. And our Goa tour was canceled due to Abhishek's Company change. So any how we had to do a short trip for our Anniversary. So we've decided to travel to Vizag for 3 days trip, including travel. And we have booked our flight and hotel. Actually we had booked a resort with small cottage, which I liked the most. We reached Vizag airport by 10 o' clock in the morning. The airport was very tiny but very neat and clean and 20 km far from the city . We booked Ola cab to reach our temporary stay, Bay leaf Resort for next 3 days. The city is so clean and the roads are smooth and flawless. It looks like Govt. takes very good care of the Tourist spot.

Visakhapatnam - The Sea Side

The resort has only cottages. Every tourists can have a personal cottage, and the cottages has a personal sunrise deck with 2 garden chair and a small table. So verifing all this features, I've decided to book this resort. It's little far from the Ramkrishna beach, but quite nice place it is. Peacefull and just in front of the sea. We were so hungry and tired too. So after reaching our cottage, we took bath and rushed to the restaurant. Ordered plain dal rice omelette for our son,and regular chicken curry, rice for us. It was nice homely food, less spicy or I should say fiery food than the typical Hyderabadi or Andhra cuisine. We had a satiefied lunch and were too sleepy. Any how, it was too sunny to go out for city tour. So we decided to take some rest. By 5 p.m. we got ready for our 1st destination of the day. We booked an ola cab and reached Rushikunda beach. It was holi on the day, so people were playing with colors, and enjoying the sea water. The beach is so beautiful,but not that clean, might be for the color festival. We stayed there for almost 2 hours there, till the sunset. We bought some mementos from the local shops, a hat for Chomchom, had coconut water with malai and returned from there with ola cab.

Visakhapatnam - The Sea Side

It was dark outside and a new place, so we decided not to go out side. So we entered our cottage, and ordered our dinner from a restaurant, which was just beside our resort. We decided to had seafood for dinner as we were at the seaside. We had Tandoori fish, Chepala Pulusu & Rice. It was a lip smacking dinner. On the next day, I woke up for some sunrise snaps, as it was quite long time I've witnessed Sunrise from seaside. By 6:20 a.m. the Sun rised and we witnessed the beautiful scene. We decided to go the Port area and to the Ramkrishna Beach after having our breakfast. And we decided to visit those places by 9 a.m. So it won't be too hot. So after having breakfast, which was complimentary from the resort, we started for the Port.

Visakhapatnam - The Sea Side

Again we took ola, as this cab service was very easily available there, uber was not that flexible. We reached the location and went to the beach to enjoy the sand in our feet. But when we reached near the water, Chomchom started crying, may be seeing the huge sea and the roaring waves. So we didn;t enjoy the sea that much. We decided to take an umbrella with lazy sunbath sofas for an hour. At least we could enjoy by seeing the sea from a distance. After an hour we returned to the resort, had bath and took little rest after having some munchis. As we booked our table in Novotel studio for lunch. So after having some rest we started for Novotel, and had our lunch there. Chomchom had khicdi, curd rice and some Vegetable Tempura, where we had our lunch buffet. It was ok type experince, with no star marks, no extra ordinary food. It was an average lunch buffet, with a huge bill. Any way after having our lunch, we went to visit the Aircraft musume and Submarine museum. Both places are nicely reserved, and very well maintained. we didn't take a single picture inside, as photography was prohibited inside. But Indians will never change, 90% people were breaking rules and taking pictures inside the submarine & the aircraft. Before the gaurds can see they are taking pictures, may be for Facebook posts.

After the Submarine museum visit we sat on a small park, beside the sea, and spent an hour there. Then we started for kailash Giri. It is the hights point of Vizag, and a very nice place. There is a train ride which is simply bogus, and we took it without knowing the real fact, and became foolish. Any way the whole city view from the top was worth the bogus ride. After spending sometime there we rode a public bus to get down from the hill, but you may try the Ropeway too. My husband is very scared of Ropway so he didn't ride the Ropway. then we returned to our resort. Had dinner from our resort's restaurant. And went to the bed early as on the next day, we had our early morning flight to Hydebad. So we asked our hotel manager to pack some bread omelette early in the morning. And surprisingly by 6:30 a.m. our breakfast were packed and delivered to our cottage. It was a really nice experience with the Bayleaf Resort. We paid the bill and started for airport by 7.

3 days trip was really very nice and memorable. I wish it would be 1 more day, so we could roam the amusement park as well. And with hills & sea, Vizag is a really nice place for weekend gateway from Hyderbad, Bhubaneswar, Chennai. How to Reach Vizag :

  • Train Over night trains are available from most of the south Indian Big cities
  • Flight Well connected with most of the Metropolitan cities
  • Bus From Hyderabad you can avail A.P. Tourism buses to reach Vizag.