Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Bird watching is a very real hobby that a lot of people have cultivated. For some, it is casual and only amounts to the occasional photo. But, for others, it is of a more serious nature resulting in a detailed description of each bird that they see and even traveling long distances to see exotic birds.

If you are a birder in Bangalore, then you must pay a visit to Kabini. A wildlife sanctuary, located on the banks of Kabini River, Kabini is a haven for birdwatchers. Technically a kilometer away from a national park known as Nagarhole National Park, Kabini draws in flocks of birders every season.

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

How to get to Kabini?

From Bangalore, you can either take a flight or train to Mysore. If you prefer making a road trip out of it, you are in for a pleasant four to five hour drive. The distance between Bangalore and Kabini is a little over 230 Kms via the NH275. You can also hit up important cultural centers like Mandya, Maddur, Mysore and Ramanagram.

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Where you can you stay in Kabini?

There are plenty of nice resorts in Kabini where you can put up. You can choose your kind of accommodation based on your taste.

There are resorts that combine a homely feeling with the right kind of luxury. These resorts in Kabini lend you a feeling of camping outdoors while being well-protected inside the four walls. Most of these resorts have a restaurant to satiate your hunger as well as other amenities.

You can also opt to live in hut-type accommodation which will definitely give you a more outdoorsy feel or you can take up a luxurious villa or a room facing the Kabini river. Most of the resorts in Kabini come fully equipped with modern amenities so that you do not face any trouble while still maintaining the feel of being out in the wild. Some resorts even have a library, swimming pool and a gym.

Most of the resorts arrange bird watching tours, bonfires, nature walks and bicycle tours for their guests. So, be sure to check those amenities out when you check in.

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Bird Watching in Kabini

The Kabini forest attracts hordes of birdwatchers. Some with long-range binoculars long-range and others with powerful cameras to catch a glimpse of the various bird species. More than 350 bird species have been identified in the Kabini forest. A great many birds flock around the lake. This includes ospreys and grey-headed fish eagles. If you are lucky you might also catch some cormorants nesting on the dry stumps of trees.

You can choose to go for a guided bird tour or a nature walk where you might come across some of the inland species. These include the Indian Pitta, Malabar pied hornbill, Malabar Trogon and the Malabar Lark.

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore

Places to see in Kabini

You go for the birds but you stay for its incomparable beauty. Kabini has plenty of wildlife as well. Safaris are conducted twice a day every day that you can go on to see some of the majestic animals that call Kabini their home. Since the Nagarhole National Park is a stone’s throw away, you can also make it a point to check that out as well.

If you are fond of boat rides, get pumped because you can traverse the Kabini river on rafts, motorboats, kayaks and even rowboats. Life in the river is also very active. Crocodiles are seen sliding in and out of the water while you can enjoy the sunset on the boat.

You can also sign up for a nature walk or better yet explore the forest on a bicycle by following the bicycle trail. Also, don’t miss out on the campfires before you slink off to your resort.

Kabini isn’t just a great place for birders. It is also so much more than that. It is the whole package for a nature lover. Wild flora and fauna along with modern amenities at the lovely resorts make for a very interesting trip. Even if bird watching is your primary goal, you can feel the peace and tranquillity of Kabini freshen your senses.

Kabini: An ideal place for Bird watching near Bangalore