Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu

Visit Glow Garden or Night Garden in Siddipet on Lake Komati Cheruvu

About Glow Garden Siddipet
The Siddipet Municipality has built a Glow Garden on the tank bund and a musical fountain in the center of the tank as part of its efforts to make Komati Cheruvu more attractive. This garden is located next to the Siddipet, Telangana, government general hospital. It is the city's top recreation area. The park is a small park and has a beautiful perspective because it is situated alongside Komati Cheruvu Lake. Visitors to the park will notice numerous animal statues, including tigers, giraffes, and deer, that are illuminated, as well as water fountains that are placed in different lighting patterns. Additionally, trees are lit up, which enhances their attractiveness. Basically, with more effort, the park is lit up in such a very beautiful way.

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Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu
Glow Garden Siddipet, 3RWQ+MWJ, Siddipet, Telangana 502103

Entry Timings
The Glow Garden park in Siddipet opens at 9 AM and Closes at 9 AM everyday but the light show starts after the sun is set. The Light Show on Fountains has three shows, first one starts at 7:15 PM, second one at 8 PM and last one at 8 45 PM.

How to reach

According to me, the best way to visit the Glow garden or Night garden is through Cab, it’s around 120 Km from Hyderabad Hitec city. It’s also well connected by TSRTC Bus which costs around Rs. 180 one way.

Please click the video link here.

Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu

Ticket Price

  • Dinosaur Park - Rs 10 Per head
  • Night Garden Main Entrance- Rs 20 Per head
  • Necklace Bridge- Rs 10 Per head
  • Lake Entrance- Rs 10 Per head
  • Actual Night Garden with Lights- Rs 20 Per head
Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu
Best time to visit the park
I think the best time to visit the park is in the evening, when the sun light is out and the artificial lights are on. It really looks amazing and fabulous. I think it’s a good place to visit.

Attractions of the park
  • Water Laser Screen show
  • Boating 
  • Sunset View
  • Night Garden with lights
  • Cable Bridge, called Necklace bridge
  • Children Park to play
Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu
Where to stay and eat
Around 8 Kms before the Park, we have the HOTEL HARITHA MINERVA @ Hyderabad - Ramagundam Road, Hyderabad - Godavarikhani Highway, Nacharpalle, opp. Oxygen Park, Siddipet (M + OG), Telangana 502277. Good place to stay and good, tasty food to eat in the area. However, near the park there are ample places to eat and stay. Cost of stay per night for a double bedroom is around Rs 3000.
Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu
Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu
Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu
Glow Garden On Lake Komati Cheruvu