In Bengali household, mostly Saturday and Thursday we use to eat vegetarian food. On both the days, we use to worship of Shani Dev and Goddess Lakshmi so, we try to not eat non veg food on both the days. Some people use not to eat non-veg on Tuesday also. And many people does not follow these rules and eat anything on any day. We stand on the last category. We have no specific day for vegetarian food. We eat vegetarian food if we become bore with the regular fish items or I'm out of fish or meat. Today was that kind of day. As my freezer is absolutely empty, there was no non-veg item to make. So decided to cook pure Vegetarian meal for lunch. And here I present our Vegetarian lunch menu, which contains :

  • Bhat
  • Ivy Gourd Stir Fry or Kundri Bhaja
  • Chal Kumror Ghonto
  • Dhenrosh Aloo Posto
  • Arhar Dal
  • Kancha Aamer Chutney
  • Papad