Kancha Aamer Misti Chutney/Chatni

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Kancha Aamer Chutney

Green Mango Chatni is an authentic Bengali Chatni, which is served at the end of a 6 course lunch menu. This is a refreshing dish, which is served at the end and just before the dessert of a full course Bengali lunch menu.

This chatni should be sweet & spicy, thick and sticky like consistancy. Lots of sugar is used to make this chatni. And at the end some roasted ground spices are added to make it little spicy. My mom-in-low is an expert making this kind of chatnies. She tought me how to make sticky tasty chatni. Today I'm going to share my mom-in-law's recipe of "Sweet & Spicy Green Mango Chatni". Here it is............




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Ingredients for Kancha Aamer Chutney

Preperation steps for Kancha Aamer Chutney

  Wash the chunks of green mangoes  very well and strain them and keep aside.

  Now heat the oil in a sauce pan. Add the whole red chili & black mustard seeds to the oil. Fry them  till the seeds start to crackle. When they start crackling, add the mango chunks and fry for 1-2 minutes.

  Now add the water , turmeric & salt to the pan and cover it to cook the mango on low heat.

  In this meantime take a non-stick pan and dry roast the cumin, coriander, fennel & red chili for 1-2 minutes. Grind them coarsely & keep aside.

  Now open the sauce pan and check if the mango chunks are cooked or not. It should be cooked, so add the sugar to the sauce pan and bring the chatni to boil till the chatni becomes thick & sticky.

  When you will get the right consistency of your chatni, check the sweetness of the chatni, if needed add some more sugar to it & boil for couple of minutes.

  Turn off the heat and pour the chatni into a serving bowl and sprinkle the "Bhaja Moshla" on the top of the chatni. Keep the chatni inside the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

  Remove just before serving

Serving Tips

Serve chatni with plain papad.

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