As it is Thursday, in most of the Bengali household, pure vegetarian food is being cooked, without onion and garlic. As almost at every household, Goddess Laksmi is being worshiped. But at our place there is no such rule to be followed. But after having fish almost everyday, I've decided to cook pure vegetable food for our lunch. And in Bengali vegetarian menu, Dhokar Dalna or Chana Dal Lentil cake curry takes a very important roll. It is little time consuming dish though, but after after having this, you will be able to understand the effort and time was absolutely worth it. As the highlight of the dish is 'Dhokar Dalna', so I've named this thali after this dish only. The thali contains :

  • Bhat
  • Aloo bhaja
  • Papad baja
  • Mochar Ghonto
  • Sabji die muger dal
  • Dhokar Dalna
  • Kancha Aamer chatni
  • Misti doi