Ahamori Begun | Begun Basanti

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Doi Begun | Begun Basanti

Eggplant Or Brinjalis called <strong>&quot;Begun&quot;</strong> in Bengali. This is a very important vegetable in everyday's Indian cooking. This is very tasty Vegetable too. When I was a teenager in television there was only few channels. One of them was DDBangla. In that channel our famous veteran actress Supriya Devi hosted a Cooking show called <strong>&quot;Benudir Ranna Ghor&quot;</strong>. It was a superb show. In that show She cooked an Eggplant recipe called <strong>&quot;Begun Basanti&quot;</strong>. What an awesome recipe it was. Basanti comes from the color, as the dish looks Basanti Or Light Yellow in color That name was always in my mind. After 10-12yrs I got the same recipe from one of my Dearest Virtual Didi. She gave me the recipe in different name <strong>&quot;Ahamori Begun&quot;</strong>....

Eggplant ( Begun in Bengali) is a very popular vegetable in Bengali cuisine. This vegetable is used in many veg or non veg dishes. Here one of my Didi gave me this recipe and I've tried this for first time in lunch . And it was so tasty and flavorful you can't imagine. This dish can be made for potluck dinner also. In this recipe, Begun or Eggplant should be cut lengthwise, deep fried and then it should be cooked in curd & mustard paste based semi thick gravy. Curd takes a major part in this"Ahamori Begun Or Begun Basanti" recipe. This "Ahamori Begun Or Begun Basanti" goes very well with steamy hot rice. Or even with hot Phulkas. As I use to stay in Hyderabad, it's quite hard to get good quality Eggplants, but sometimes we get good quality seedless long and wide Eggplants in local market. Which are called Bharta Baingan. And they are the perfect for this "Ahamori Begun Or Begun Basanti" recipe. The big and wide eggplants are quite easily available in West Bengal, that's why such good recipes are made there. In South Indian, small size eggplants are quite popular , so stuffed eggplants, and other such recipes are popular here. So all you need feq good quality Eggplants, some fresh curd and handful of other ingredients and here is your recipe...




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Ingredients for Doi Begun | Begun Basanti

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Preperation steps for Doi Begun | Begun Basanti

  Marinate the eggplant with turmeric powder, salt & little sugar and keep aside for 1 hour. Heat oil in a nonstick pan and deep fry the eggplant and put on a paper towel.

  In the same oil fry the whole red chili and onion with little salt and cover the pan to make the onion soft. When the onion becomes soft higher the oven and fry the onion till golden brown. Now add ginger garlic paste and fry well.

  Add turmeric powder, salt & sugar and the mustard paste with little water and keep frying for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the gas, and let the pan to cool down little bit. When the is cool down, add the beaten curd and turn on the gas on low flame. Don't stir the mixture, otherwise the curd will be curdled

  Let it cook for 5 minutes and after that add 1/2 cup of warm water and the fried eggplant to the pan and cover the pan to cook the eggplant properly. After 5 minute open the lid and keep boiling the gravy.

  Remember the gravy must not be too thick or too thin. Before serving add some chopped cilantro on the eggplant curry.

Serving Tips

Serve this dish with Paratha or Puri or Plain Rice or Pulao.


  • When you will add the curd, it may curdle. So you may add whole milk sour cream instade of curd.
  • And do not use the cold curd or sour cream. The curd or sour cream should be at room temperature.

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