Quick & Easy Or Instant Malai Kulfi Recipe

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Malai Kulfi

Malai Kulfi is Indian frozen dairy dessert. Some time it is called as Indian Ice-cream. Kulfi has many different verities in flavors. This Desi Ice-cream traditionally is made by evaporating the Full-fat milk through slow cooking but nowadays people do not have so much time to spend for a dessert making. So we have some easy tricks to make this yummy dessert in 30 minutes.




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Ingredients for Malai Kulfi

Preperation steps for Malai Kulfi

  Take a non-stick pan and add Sweetened Condensed Milk & Evaporated Milk together, mix them well and place on stove top on medium heat to bring the mixture to a nice boil.

  When it starts boiling just keep stirring to prevent from burring at the bottom. After 15 minutes of slow boiling, the mixture will reduce to half of the total quantity.

  Now add the crashed Green Cardamom Pods and stir in the Kulfi Mixture. Let the mixture cool down at room temperature.

  When it meets the room temperature pour into the Kulfi Mold or in a Plastic container and put into the deep freezer for overnight. Bring them out just before serving.

  Cut out from the mold with a knife , sprinkle chopped Pistachios & Saffron threads and serve chilled.

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This is I called Instant Malali Kulfi, because I made this within 30 minutes.

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