How to Soak Dryfruits For Christmas Cake

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Soaked Dry Fruits For Christmas

Christmas Fruit Cake is traditionally is a very rich with loads of Dry Fruits and Nuts. Dry Fruits & Nuts are soaked in Beverages Based On Ethanol for 2-3 months before the Christmas Eve. This rich Fruit Cake should be very moist and full of Alcohol soaked Dry fruits. All Purpose Flour and the other ingredient will be in the same amount of Dry fruits & Nut. The main word is all the ingredients will be in the same proportion in this Rich Fruit Cake. But in our busy life schedule We can not make it in a proper way. I soaked my Dry fruits 3 weeks before Christmas , and I think it will be enough for my Rich Fruit cake for Christmas Eve. Today I'm sharing the recipe by inspired from "Scratching Canvas" website, how to soak dry fruits for your perfect fruit cake...



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Ingredients for Soaked Dry Fruits For Christmas

Preperation steps for Soaked Dry Fruits For Christmas

  First take the dry fruits Facebook Page on a chopping board, chop finely with a sharp knife and pour into a large glass bowl.

  Now take the nuts and chop roughly and pour over the chopped dry fruits.

  Sprinkle the Orange Zests all over the Chopped Dry Fruits and Nuts and mix with them with a wooden ladle.

  Now pour all the Chopped Dry Fruits and Nuts into an airtight dry Glass Jar and add the Alcohol of your choice, soak them well, put the lid closed and keep in a dry place of your kitchen.

  Shake or stir the soaked Chopped Dry Fruits and Nuts every alternative days till the baking day.

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