Indian Style Tuna Fish Sandwich

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Fish Sandwich

A fish sandwich, is a type of sandwich usually made with ingredients such as mayonnaise and some other ingredients. this is a very easy to make but very healthy sandwich, which is very tasty too. Fish sandwich is very light and good alternative of daily sandwich recipes. Any kind of fish can be used to make this fish sandwich. Boneless fish is prefferable to be used.




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15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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Ingredients for Fish Sandwich

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Preperation steps for Fish Sandwich

  Take a pan heat oil in it, add chopped onion, ginger, garlic & green chilies into the pan. Add a pinch of salt to the pan and fry them for 4-5 seconds.

  Add the tuna or boneless chopped fish to the pan and stir fry with the onion for 5 minutes. Now turn off the heat and let the mixture to cool down completely.

  When the mixture will be cool down completely, add crushed pepper, mayonnaise and salt and mix well with a fork. Some more spring onion can be added if you like to add.

  Now take each bread slices and apply margarine on both sides, and keep aside.

  Now take 1 margarine speared bread slice, spread 1-2 teaspoon of fish mixture, place another margarine speared bread on the top and toast the sandwich on both the sides.

  Cut sandwich diagonally and serve with ketchup.

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