Peach & Watermelon Ice-pops

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Peach Watermelon Ice-pops

Almost every Kids love ice-creams, specially the ice-pops. Not only the kids, even the elder poeple love ice-cream or the ice-pops. Today I made these ice-pops for kids who just hate eating fruits.

Freshly pureed and flavored fruits are used in this ice-pops. I used peach & watermelon to make these pops. But you may use any kind of fruits, you like. This is a very easy ice-pops recipe, which your kids going tot love for sure. Easy refreshing ice-pops are ready in 4 hours. No need to buy the ice-pops from the store, just buy fresh fruits, and make your kids' favorite flavored ice-pops at home.



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Ingredients for Peach Watermelon Ice-pops

Preperation steps for Peach Watermelon Ice-pops

  At first remove the frozen watermelon from the freezer, and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

  In the meantime take all the ingredients for "Peach flavor" except the water and blend to make smooth puree. Add water if needed. Pour 2 tablespoons of the puree in each ice-pop mold or small plastic glasses and keep inside the freezer for 30 minutes.

  Now put the semi thawed watermelon and the rest of the ingredients for "Watermelon flavor" in the same blender, where the peach flavors were blended.

  Blend the make smooth puree of the watermelon, make sure no chunks are left in the watermelon puree.

  After 30 minutes, remove the ice-pop mold or plastic glasses from the freezer and fill the rest of the mold or glass with watermelon puree, insert the sticks of the molds, or the bamboo skewers into each mold or glass and keep them inside the freezer for 4 hours, without disturbing them.

  After 4 hours, the ice-pops are ready to serve.

  I'm sending this recipe for Kolkata Foodbloggers' ongoing event 'Summer fruits' . For more recipes please visit their Facebook page Kolkata Foodbloggers.

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