Jal Jeera Or Indian Spiced Lemonade

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Jal Jeera

The cumin is a medicinal ingredient which aids digestion. The mint has a cooling effect. Black salt or rock salt acts as a digestive. Jaljeera is popular in northern India because it is thought to have cooling properties, against the temperature of the region. It is generally served with appetizers before a meal, but is also drunk between meals. Some versions do not involve any added sugar</span>. </body> </html>

Jal Jeera is an Indian spiced lemonade. This is an Indian beverage, serves in summer. This is a very refreshing drink made with Indian spices, lemon/lime juice, black pepper powder, and etc. Jal means Water in Hindi & Jeera means Cumin. Cumin is the main ingredient to make this Indian Lemonade.




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Ingredients for Jal Jeera

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Preperation steps for Jal Jeera

  Take a small spice grinder and add all the ingredients under the heading of "Jal Jeera mixture", add 2 tablespoons of water and grind them to make a fine paste.Now take a large mixing bowl, add the freshly made "Jal Jeera Mixture", 4 cups of water, lemon/lime juice and mix all together.Strain the mixture through a tea strainer. Pour into glasses, garnish with Kaffir lemon/lime slices, mint leaves & ice-cubes and serve.

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