Watermelon Sorbet Without Ice-cream Maker

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Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon is my favorite fruit in summer. Chilled watermelon chunks are really refreshing during hot scorching summer. But Watermelon Sorbet is even more delicious. And you may surprise your guests by serving this amazing dessert. This sorbet is also great for Summer Pool Parties. Kids love this sorbet. And this is very healthy too. Everything is natural and pure in this sorbet. In this sorbet you don't need any ice-ream maker to make this. This sorbet needs minimum ingredients and this is a very easy process to make. Here is the Summer Cooler Watermelon Recipe.




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Ingredients for Watermelon Sorbet

Preperation steps for Watermelon Sorbet

  Take the watermelon chunks, sugar, grated ginger, mint leaves in a blender and blend them till there is no chunks.

  Add lemon juice and blend to mix well.

  Now pour the watermelon mixture into a plastic container and let the container inside the freezer for 8 hours or till the mixture becomes completely frozen.

  After 8 hours scoop it up and serve.

Serving Tips

If you want to make it healthy you may replace the sugar with agave nectar. Add the same quantity instead of sugar.

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