Shrimp Croquettes Or Chingrir Chop

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Chingrir Chop

Chingrir Chop is a famous Bengali snacks item from "Tele Bhaja"(deep fried) shops of Kolkata. As all of us know, that Kolkata is famous for street food like Tele bhaja, Chop, Egg Roll, Cutlet, Chow Mein and many more. There are lots of "Tele Bhaja" stalls in all around the Kolkata. One of the famous shop of Tele Bhaja is Kalika Tele Bhaja shop. But they do not use onion or garlic in their Tele Bhaja. Chingrir Chop is a famous Tele Bhaja. It tastes awesome and easy to make too. For this famous snacks you need shrimps not the prawns. Because shrimps are smaller in size. Shrimps are fried and then added to the spiced mashed potatoes, then dipped into egg batter and coated with bread crumb and then deep fried. So no more introduction, go to the recipe...



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Ingredients for Chingrir Chop

Preperation steps for Chingrir Chop


  Take 4 white bread slices, cut the brown edges, roughly tear them and put into a dry grinder.

  Grind for 30 seconds, and you will get freshly made breadcrumb.

Making The Filling :

  Take the cleaned shrimps, marinate with turmeric and salt and keep aside.

  Take a small pan, heat and dry roast  cumin and coander seeds, let it cool down completely and grind to make coarse powder. This powder called 'Bhaja Moshla'.

  Heat mustard oil in a pan, add cumin seeds and fry for few seconds. Now add chopped onion, chopped chilies, grated ginger and garlic and fry till everything become nice golden in color.

  Sprinkle some water to prevent the mixture get burnt. Now add turmeric, salt, sugar and marinated shrimps.

  Fry for a while. Add mashed boiled potatoes and mix everything all together. Check salt and sugar. Add the garam masala powder, bhaja moshla, ajwain and mix with the potato shrimp mixture.

  Let the mixture to cool down completely. When everything will be comletely cool down, make small balls out of the shrimp potato mixture.

Making The Chops :

  Take a medium bowl, add besan, egg white, salt, turmeric and mix. Now add little water at a time. The batter will be thinner than pakoda batter.

  When you will get the right consistancy of the batter stop adding water and keep aside.

  Pour the maida on a flat plate, and roll the shrimp potato mixture balls on the maida.

   Dip each ball/chop into egg batter and roll into bread crumb. Now the Chops/Croquettes are ready to deep fry.

  But I used to keep chops into refrigerator for 3-4 hours or overnight befor frying. In this way the binding becomes nice. Usually I make the chops 1 day before frying.

  Now heat enough oil into a deep frying pan, when the oil is medium hot, add 2-3 chops at a time and slowly fry them till the chops are nice golden brown.

  But remember, fry them in medium or lower hot oil, otherwise they won't be crispy. Take the fried Chingrir Chop out of the oil, sprinkle black salt on them and serve hot with ketchup and chopped onion cucumber. You may serve with Kasundi(bengali mustard sauce).

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Serving Tips

Bite size 'Chingrir Chop' Or 'Shrimp Croquettes' should be served with Bengali Mustard Sauce, Tomato Ketchut & Chopped Cucumber.


This is the best easy snacks for Durga Puja's adda. Quick and easy snacks can be served with Tea, Coffee, Soft or Hard Drinks.

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