Bengali Style Mutton Croquettes Or Mangsher Chop

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Mangsher Chop

Monsoon and deep fried snacks are made for each other. And in this rainy season 'Bengali Mangsher Chop' has no substitution. Mangsher Chop is a famous Bengali snacks item from "Tele Bhaja"(deep fried) shops of Kolkata. As all of us know, that Kolkata is famous for street food like Tele bhaja, Chop, Egg Roll, Cutlet, Chowmein and many more. There are lots of "Tele Bhaja" stalls in all around the Kolkata. One of the famous shop of Tele Bhaja is Kalika Tele Bhaja shop. But they do not use onion or garlic in their Tele Bhaja. Mangsher Chop is a famous Tele Bhaja. It tastes awesome and easy to make too. For this famous snacks you need mutton keema. Boiled keema are added to the spiced mashed potatoes, then dipped into egg batter and coated with bread crumb and then deep fried. So no more introductions, let's go to the recipe...



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Ingredients for Mangsher Chop

Preperation steps for Mangsher Chop

Making The Stuffing :

  Take the Mutton Keema, clean under the tap water, put in a large strainer and keep aside for 15 minutes.

  Now take the keema, add 1 cup water, 1/2 teaspoon salt & turmeric powder into a pressure cooker and pressure cook up to 2 whistles.

  Turn off the heat and let the pressure release itself. When the pressure will be released open the cooker and keep aside. If there is some water left, put the cooker on the heat and evaporate the excess water.

  Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a pan, add onion and some salt and fry till the onion becomes golden. Add chopped chilies, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, cumin powder and 2 tablespoons water. Fry till oil separates from the masala.

  Add the boiled mutton keema to the pan and mix everything for 2 minutes. Add the mashed boiled potatoes to the pan and mix with the keema mixture and fry for at least 2-3 minutes.

  Turn off the heat and let the mixture completely cool down. When the mixture will be completely cool down, take little portions from the mixture and give it to your desired shape. I made cylinder types chops.

Making Bread Crumb:

  I used homemade as I couldn't find it where I live. so made it at home. If you want to make, take 4 white bread slices, cut the brown edges, roughly tear them and put into a dry grinder, grind for 30 seconds, and you will get freshly made breadcrumb.

Making The Chops :

  Take a medium bowl, add besan, egg white, salt, turmeric & mix. Now add little water at a time. The batter will be thinner than pakoda batter.

  When you will get the right consistency of the batter stop adding water and keep aside. Pour the maida on a flat plate, and roll the mutton keema mixture chops on the maida.

  Dip each chop into egg batter and roll into bread crumb. Now the Chop/Croquettes are ready to deep fry.

  I used to keep my coated Croquettes into refrigerator for 3-4 hour or overnight before frying.

  In this way the binding becomes nice. Usually I make the Croquettes 1 day before frying and serving.

  Now heat enough oil into a deep frying pan, when the oil is medium hot, add 2-3 chops at a time and slowly fry them till the chops are nice golden brown.

  But remember, do not fry them in medium or lower hot oil, otherwise they won't be crispy.

  Take the crispy fried Mangsher Chop out of the oil, sprinkle black salt on them and serve hot with ketchup & chopped onion cucumber. You may serve with Kasundi (Bengali mustard sauce). Enjoy....

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