Bengali Style Baby Goat Curry Or Kochi Panthar Jhol

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Kochi Panthar Jhol

Bengali Sunday is totally incomplete without 'Kochi Panthar Jhol' & Gorom Bhat. Baby goat meat has less fat, tender and easy to digest. I always love mutton curry, light stew type. In this curry I've added all freshly ground spices with very less oil. This is my Grand Mom(Mother's Mom). She used to cook each and every dish with freshly ground spices. She used to use Mortar & Pestle to ground spices. And this curry should be cooked in a pan only, pressure cook will not bring the exact taste. So lets jump to the recipe and make it as soon as possible. And off course don't forget to send me the pictures with your feedback.




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105 Minutes

30 Minutes



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Festival Food
Durga Puja

Ingredients for Kochi Panthar Jhol

Preperation steps for Kochi Panthar Jhol

  Take the meat, wash under tap water and put on a strainer for 30 minutes.

  Now take a bowl, place the meat in it, marinate the meat with Raw Papaya, Turmeric and Curd, keep aside for 10 minutes.

  Take a grinder, put all the ingredients, under the heading of "For The Ground Spices" into a blender and ground to make smooth paste. If you want, may add 1 tablespoon water while blending.

  Now add the paste to the Mutton and marinate everything well. Keep the marinated mutton aside for 1 hour.

  After 1 hour, heat the oil in a pan, where you will cook the meat. Add the potatoes, fry till golden brown, take them out and keep aside.

  Now in the same oil add Bay leaf & Methi seeds and the chopped onion. Add some salt and sugar and fry the onion till nice golden in color.

  Add the marinated Mutton into the pan and cover the pan, lower the heat and leave it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes open the lid, you will see lots of water will come from the meat.

  Now higher the heat and evaporate all the water, keep stirring. Oil will start oozing from the side. Keep stirring, this is called 'Koshano' in Bengali.

  Now in another pan, warm 2 cups of water in it. Add the warmed water, fried potatoes to the pan and cover it, lower the heat and cook till meat will be soft and tender.

  It will take 20 minutes, as this is red meat. When the meat will be soft and tender, adjust salt and turn off the heat.

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Serving Tips

Serve with Steamed Rice & Cucumber salad.


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