Sweet Kachori Filled With Sweet Khova/Mawa & Nuts

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Mawa Kachori

Wish you all 'Happy Deepabali/Diwali'. Stay blessed and have lots of sweet treats. Today I'm going to share a very special sweet, which I specially made for 'Deepabali/Diwali'. Mawa Kachori, a very well known Rajasthani sweet. Very rich in taste, but don't worry Weight Watchers, one can be eaten during Deepabali/Diwali.

Mawa Kachori making is a time taking and long procedure, but worth making. Mawa kachori is made with Mawa/Khova, chopped nuts. The key ingredients for the recipe are, Maida, Khova, Chopped Nuts, Oil & Sugar. SO no more talking, let's see the procedure. And I guerrenty you, when you will taste them, will find far better than store bought.




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Ingredients for Mawa Kachori

Preperation steps for Mawa Kachori

  Making The Stuffing :Take a pan, put on lower heat, add khova, milk powder, jaggery and mix with a spatulla. Now the Khova will start to melt, add the chopped nut, nutmeg powder, crushed cardamom amd mix everything nicely. When everything will be mixed well, add saffron and turn off the heat. As the texture is liquide now, but after cooling down it will harden. So just leave it to cool down completely. Making The Crust/Outer Part :In the meantime make the crust. Take the flour, salt, ghee and mix in a bowl. Add warm water little amount at a time, not add to much at one time. Kneed well to make a firm dough. The dough should be little tighter than the Chapati Dough. Apply few drops of oil on the dough and cover the dough with a clean plastic wrap. Leave the dough for aside for 10 minutes. Making The Syrup :Take the sugar, water and cardamom in a sauce pan and put it on high heat. Let the mixture to boil and turn off the heat. The syrup is ready now. Making The Kachoris :Make 6 equal portions of the Dough. Make 6 equal round balls of the Stuffing too. Take each portion of the Dough, roll them to make a puri size circle, put 1 Mava ball in the center, pull the edges of the dough to wrap the filling. Press the Kachoris on the top to flatten the Kachoris. Make the rests and keep aside covered with clean plastic wrap. Take a deep frying pan, add enough oil/ghee in the pan, put on low heat. Right now add 2/3 Kachoris into the oil, and fry till the Kachoris become nice golden in color. Kachoris must be fried in warm oil to make crispy. So remember to make your oil warm not hot. And do not add more than 2/3 at a time.Take each Kachoris out of the oil/ghee and put onto a paper towel. Fry rest of the Kachoris in the same way. Before serving drizzle some syrup on the top and garnish with chopped Pistachios and saffron strands.Enjoy and Happy Diwali to all my Readers. If you like this recipe, please go to my Facebook Page & hit the like button to get regular updates.

Serving Tips

Mawa Kachori can be served without syrup.


Sracped coconut can be added to the stuffing.

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