Coconut Fudge Or Narkel Er Takti

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Narkel Takti

'Narkel er Takti' is an authentic Bengali sweet, which is made specially in Festive season. For Lakshmi Puja, Bijaya Dashami, Dipabali Or Bhai Fonta is absolutely incomplete without this homemade sweet. But 'Narkel Takti' is quite uncommon these days. In our childhood days, wheneve festive season got started, our Grand Mom, Mom, Aunts began to prepare different types of sweets, snacks. Narkel Naru, Takti, Tiler Naru, Nimki were the common items for these festivals. But in our busy life, we do not have much time to prepare these Authentic Sweets.

These sweets are quite time consuming. And in recent days you can get every authentic Bengali sweets in the nearby Sweet shops. But who stays outside Bengal, what about them. I'm sure they still miss those Authentic Bengali sweets. So I prepare these 'Narkel Er Takti' for them, who badly miss them and want to make at home. This recipe is little easier than the authentic recipe. Here is the recipe of 'Narkel Er Takti/Chapa.




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Festival Food
Vijaya Dashami

Ingredients for Narkel Takti

Preperation steps for Narkel Takti

  Take the Scraped Coconut in a grinder, add the coconut water and grind to make smooth paste.

  Take a pan, put on low heat. Add ground coconut, jaggery, crashed green cardamom seeds, camphor and mix well with a spatula.

  Keep stirring to dry the whole mixture and make the mixture sticky. It will take at least 15 to 20 minutes.

  After 15 minutes take some mixture in your palm and try to make round ball. iIf you can be able to make it round, then the mixture is ready.

  Now pour the mixture on a clean plate. But do not let it cool down.

  Now take any kind of wooden/stone sandesh mould, apply some ghee on the surface of the mould.

  Take 1 tablespoon mixture in your palm, make a cylinder and put it on the mould and shape it by pressing on the mixture.

  But don't forget to put some chopped pistachio before put the mixture on the mould. Let the 'Narkel Takti' cool down completely.

  If you don't have any mould, take a clean plate, rub some ghee on the surface of the plate, spreed the mixture on the plate. Pat on the top to make it even. Let the mixture cool down. After cooling down completely cut into diamond shape of the mixture and put on a serving plate.

  Serve to the God and after that enjoy the Prasad.

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