Orange Flavored Fudge Or Komola Sondesh

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Orange Sondesh

Bengal is famous for Sweets, specially Homemade Paneer Sweets. And Sondesh, Rosogolla are the most famous among the sweets. Sondesh is made with Homemade Cottage Cheese, sugar. Nothing else. Very few ingredients are needed to make Sondesh. Sondesh is nothing but Bengali Fudge made with Cottage Cheese Or Homemade Paneer. Sondesh are made with different flavors, like plain sondesh, kaju sondesh, gurer sondesh, chocolate sondesh, pista sondesh, orange/komola sondesh. Today I'm going to share Komola/Orange Sondesh recipe. As winter is knocking the door. Orange is winter special fruit. So today I've made this Sondesh to share with you all. And I took the pictures with Asus Zenfone2 Laser.




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Ingredients for Orange Sondesh

Preperation steps for Orange Sondesh

  Take a pan add little water in it and then add the milk, place the pan on oven and bring the milk to boil.

  When the milk will start boiling add the Orange Juice and the Lemon Juice to the milk. Do not add all the Juice at a time. Add little by little and when all the Juice will be added, turn off the oven and set aside the pan for 10 minutes for curdle all the milk (do not stir the milk after adding Juice, the chhana will be harder).

  After 10 minutes take a cheese cloth on a large strainer and strain all the excess water of the chhana. Now tie the cheese choth to make an knot and hang from the Tap. Leave it at least for 2 hours.

  After 2 hours, squeeze the cloth as hard as you can to make the paneer dry. Now take the dry paneer in a grinder, add the orange zest & Powdered sugar Or sugar Free Gold Powdered Granuels and dry grind to make the paneer smooth.

  Just pulse the grinder, do not turn on the switch for long. And do not over grind also. When the paneer will be smooth, stop grinding.

  Take a clean non-stick pan, put on low heat. Add the Paneer/Chhena mixture to the pan and keep stirring with spatulla for 10 minutes to make the mixture dry. Turn off the heat after 10 minutes or when the chenna will come together as a dough.

  Now let the Paneer/Chhena mixture to cool down completely. Again put the mixture in a grinder and grind for few seconds. Now take the mixture out of the grinder and shape with molds or just toss into balls.

  If you are molding the chhena, put a raisin on the mold before putting the chhena ball on the mold. If you do not stir the chhana mixture on warm non-stick tawa it's totally fine. You can still make sondesh with the mixture.

It will call "Kanchagolla".

Enjoy Authentic Bengali Sweet Komla Lebur Sondesh.

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