Kuler Tok Misti Achar Or Jujuba Sweet N Sour Pickle

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Topa Kuler Achaar

Today I came with a recipe which will bring smile on everyone's face. Whenever you hear the word "kuler Achaar", you must recall your childhood memories. My mom makes the best 'Kuler Achaar' as per my view. But still whenever we used to go to school, the Achar wala used to come with his cart of 'Boyem full of different types of Achaar', we had to buy from him and relish the 'Khatta Meetha Achaar'. 

Among all of them, my favourite was 'Kuler Achaar' & 'Chaltar Achaar'. I don't know the english name of 'Chalta', but it tastes extremely sour. Jujube/Kuler tok misti achar also a big hit of Achaar wala. I remember in every winter season, My mom used to buy Kilos of 'Topa Kul/Ber/Jujuba' to make achaar. If I'm in India, I used to tell mom to make some 'Kuler Achaar' in every winter and bring it to me or send me. Today I'm going to share my mom's recipe of 'Kuler Achaar', which actually she made and brought for me to Hyderabad. Let see the recipe below...



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Ingredients for Topa Kuler Achaar

Preperation steps for Topa Kuler Achaar

  Take the Kul, remove the stems and wash them under tap water. Now take a cane basket and pour all the washed Kul into it and keep under the Sun for atleast 30 minutes.

  Don't keep for more than 1 hour, otherwise Kul will be very dry.

  Take a big wok, put on the gas stove, heat it, pour the jaggery and little water and let the jaggery melt. If using sugar, follow the same process. Let the jaggery/sugar melt completely.

  Now add all the Kul/jujuba into the melted jaggery/sugar and keep stirring with a spatula. Press the spatula on the Kul/jujubas to rupture them. Stir till the pickle/cachar looks sticky and thick.

  Do not over cook, the Achar will be rubbery.

  Turn off the stove.

  Now make the bhaja moshla. Take a dry pan, heat it, put the red chili and panch foron and dry roast them till a nice aroma comes from the whole spices. Let the spices cool down completely. Now coarsly grind the spices and sprinkle on the Pickle/Achar.

  Let it cool down completely and then pour into clean Glass Achar Boyam/Jar.

  Put the boyam in the Sun light everyday till the Achar will be vanished.

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