Mango Frozen Yogurt Without Ice-cream Maker

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Mango Frozen Yogurt

Last year September I have delivered a baby boy, now he is almost 9 months old. I have put on a lot of weight after delivery, and as I'm a breastfeeding mommy can't follow the diet plan also. But still trying to cut off extra calories from my meal. Everything was perfect till now, but when the season of King of Fruits has started how an I resist making some Ice-cream with it. As Mango & Ice-cream both are my weakness(though hubby ask me to make a list of my weakness, as I always crave for good food).

 That is totally normal, being a Food Blogger how can I control myself to eat whatever edible from me. Anyway continue with my craving for Mango Ice-cream, but again started for too much extra calories. And my craving for Mango Ice-cream was growing fast, suddenly an idea came to my mind. We used to have "Frozen Yogurt" while in USA as hubby doesn't like ice-cream that much. And finally made it with no special ingredients in a hurry just like that, and fulfilled my crave by relishing it without any Guilt. Let's see the process.



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Ingredients for Mango Frozen Yogurt

Preperation steps for Mango Frozen Yogurt

  Take the frozen mango, frozen yogurt, honey in a blender and blend it for 1 minute, add the chopped candid ginger , stir to mix, pour the mixture in a cold proof container and keep inside the fridge for 8 to 10 hours or until sets completely.

  Remove after 10 hours, scoop the frozen yogurt and relish.

  I'm sending this recipe for Kolkata Foodbloggers' ongoing event 'Summer fruits' . For more recipes please visit their Facebook page Kolkata Foodbloggers.

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