Grilled Paneer Cooked In Rich Gravy

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Tandoori Paneer Masala

I don't like paneer that much, not even my husband. But for a change I cook paneer but always in different type. I always prefer homemade paneer more than store bought. In today's recipe I used homemade only. If store bought paneer is at home home, only pakora or cutlet I make. Most of the time store bought store bought paneer could not be fresh. And as my son loves paneer so I always make at home. I was bored with the Matar Paneer all the time, so thought of making something new. Tandoori masala was at home, and making tandoori paneer takes only 15minutes, as paneer doesn't need much time to be marinated. So started working on my new project. And as my baby was sleeping, I'd to cook it very fast. It took 30-40 minutes from start to end. And belive me you will be surprised with the taste, it was just like restaurant taste at home. So no more discussion, let's have a look.




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30 Minutes

30 Minutes



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Festival Food
Durga Puja

Ingredients for Tandoori Paneer Masala

Preperation steps for Tandoori Paneer Masala

  Take a bowl, and add all the under the heading of 'Tandoori Paneer', and mix well, keep aside. Now heat some oil in a non-stick pan and fry the paneer carefully, and keep in a paper towel.

  Now take the same pan add the remaining oil and the butter, temper the oil with the cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, bay leaf & cumin seeds. Fry them till a nice aroma comes. Add sliced onion into the pan along with little salt and fry till the onion becomes golden in colour.

  In the meantime take the bowl where you marinated the paneer, add grated ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin coriander red chili powder and little water and make a thick paste.

  Add this in the pan and stir fry for couple of minute. Now add the grated tomato and fry everything till the raw smell of the tomato goes off and oil start oozing from the masala.

  Now add 1/2 cup of luke warm water in the pan and the grilled paneer, cover the pan for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes open the pan and add the kasoori methi and fresh cream and boil the gravy till it has thicken.

  When the gravy will be thicken enough, add honey & chopped cilantro and turn off the heat.

  Now the 'Tandoori Paneer Masala' is ready to served. Serve it with Naan/Tandoori roti/Flavoured rice. Enjoy...

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