Indian Style Atta & Ajwain Biscuits

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Indian Tea Biscuits

I am an average baker, only few basic goodies I can bake. Never tried any experimental baking. But when my baby's Pediatric asked me to give my 11months old baby Marie Or Parle G biscuits, I asked him "Can I give homemade atta biscuits?" Being a blogger how can I give my baby outside packaged food, as till date he is only on home cooked food, not at all any kind of Cerelac I've given to him. We all know nothing like home cooked food. My Paed gave me an weird look as I asked for homemade biscuits, and gave the permission. So I decided to make some "Atta Biscuits" for my baby as he always give me a humble look whenever I have biscuits. Here is the healthier version of "Marie" biscuits.




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Ingredients for Indian Tea Biscuits

Preperation steps for Indian Tea Biscuits

  Take the atta, salt, baking powder n baking soda in a siever and sieve well in a large bowl.

  In another mixing bowl mix butter, sugar, vanilla extract with a hand mixer for couple of minutes.

  Now pour the atta mixture to the butter bowl and mix everything to make a crumbly firm dough. Add milk to make to dough smooth.

  Now cover the dough with a cling plastic wrap and leave aside for 1 hour.

  Preheat the oven to 170 degree celcious.

  Take the cookie dough and thinly roll with a rolling pin. 1/2 inch thickness will be enough. Cut the cookies in desired shapes you want. If you can't find anything to cut into shapes, just cut in rectangular shapes with a knife.

  Place the cookies on a butter greased cookie sheet, bake for 15 to 20 minutes or untill the cookies turn golden borwn in color. The time and temperature may vary from oven to oven and on the size of the cookies.

  Take the cookies out of the oven and keep till they cool down completely. Remember the cookies will be crispy only after cool down completely.

  Enjoy with tea/coffee/milk.

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