Mochar Chop Or Banana Flower Croquette

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Mochar Chop

Banana flower is a very unique vegetable, which can be cooked in many ways, like curries, koftas, cutlets and many other ways. Bengalis make different kinds of non-veg items too with this unique vegetable. Today I'm going to share a lip smacking snacks recipe which is made with banana flower. but this snack is totally veg version, as in our home onion garlic is not used in this snack, only ginger and ground whole spices are main. Inner part of the Banana flower is the key ingredient here.

Last week Durga Puja has finished. As we are in Hyderabad there are few pujas have been organised by the Bengalis live here. And the main attraction of the Durga Puja here is lots of Bengali Food stalls are set up near the Puja ground. We had lots of fried street food from there. But there was a stall which came all the way from Kolkata, that was 'Sholoana Bangali',they were serving lip smacking chop, cutlets. My freind's husband bought lots of items for later consumption, but I was in a dilemma, buy or not to buy, finally not bought, as it was heavily raining, and my concern was how to get out of that place. After going back to home, my friend told me they bought 'Mochar Chop' along with other snacks items, and it was lip smacking good. And they were felt bad as I didn't buy any of the items. So I thought to make some today, as it's heavily raining in Hyderabad and this will be a very good companion with evening tea & puffed rice. So not much talking now, let's see the recipe...



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Ingredients for Mochar Chop

Preperation steps for Mochar Chop

  First take the inner part of the banana flower, finely chop, take a cooker add the chopped flower, salt and turmeric and pressure cook upto 4 whistles with little water.

  Take a large plate, pour the boiled banana flower along with the boiled water and let it cool down completely. Once cooled down, mash the flower with palm, add boiled potato and mash everything together and keep aside.

  Now prepare the "Bhaja Moshla", take a pan and heat it. Add all the ingredients mentioned under the heading of 'Bhaja moshla', and dry roast them till a nice aroma comes from the spices. Let the roasted ingredients cool down completely, once cooled down grind them coarsely.

  Take a pan, add 2 tablespoons of mustard oil in it and heat it. Once heated, add peanuts and lightly fry, add raisins to and lightly fry. Now add grated ginger into the pan and fry for 5 seconds. Add the boiled & mashed banana flower along with potato. Add the 'Bhaja moshla', salt & sugar and keep mixing everything together till the mixture gets

  dried up completely. Keep stirring, it will take almost 10 minutes. Once all the mixture dried up nicely, turn off the gas and let the mixture cool down completely.

  Now apply some oil in your palm, take some mixture and make chops of your desired shapes. I made cylinder shaped as my 'Amma'(dad's mother) used to make that shaped 'Mochar Chop'.

  Now make your own bread crumb at home. Take the bread slices, remove the sides, cut into pieces, put in grinder, plus and grind to make nice crumbs. Pour the bread crumbs in a large plate.

  Take the 'Batter' ingredients in a bowl, add water little by little and make a smooth thick batter using a fork.

  Pour some all purpose flour or maida on another plate for dusting.

  Now take each chop, dust in maida, dip in the batter and coat with the bread crumbs and keep aside in a large airtight box. Make rest of the chop in the same way and store in the same container. Keep aside the refrigerator for the whole.

  Next day remove the chops and deep fry them till they are nicely golden brown. Sprinkle chat masala and serve with 'Kasundi/ketchup/salad'

  If you want to have them on the same day the keep the chops inside the fridge at least 2 hours before frying, in this way the binding will be good.


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