Lemon & Chili Flavored Light Chicken Curry

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Lebu Lonka Murgi

Lebu Lonka Murgi is a tangy and creamy semi dry Indian chicken recipe .It is amazingly flavorful due to the lemon juice, zest and chopped lime leaves. The dish itself very flavorful and cooked in very easy way. The main thing is the marination. Rest is very easy. Today hubby bought a fresh 750 grams weight chicken, and I thought of making this, as the chicken is very tender and fresh so I need not to add lots of spices to cook it. So made this. I had this chicken in one of my friend's elder sister's wedding once and after that I was planning to make this. But somehow, it was not happened. But few days ago I saw again this chicken curry, and planned for cooking this as soon as possible. So cooked last Wednesday. And believe me it tasted finger licking good. But I cooked it in stew process, no stirring, no water at all.

What is Lebu Lonka Murgi?

Murgi is the desi name of chicken. Lebu means lemon or lime. Lemon is less flavorful where as lime is very aromatic itself but less juicy. And in this recipe we use Gondhoraj Lebu or King lime. Gondhoraj lebu only grows in West Bengal so the recipe is also originated in Kolkata by renowned chain restaurant Bhojohori Manna. And now the dish has became very popular in our Bengali cuisine. This recipe needs handful of basic ingredients and can be ready very quickly.




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Ingredients for Lebu Lonka Murgi

Preperation steps for Lebu Lonka Murgi

  Take the chicken and wash under tap water, pat dry and keep aside.

  Take a large bowl, add curd and beat well. Now add crushed peppercorns, cumin, coriander powder, salt & lime juice and mix well. Now add the chicken pieces and mix everything very well and keep aside for at least 2 hours . Now take the onion, ginger garlic in a grinder and make a smooth paste. Pour the paste in a strainer and strain the juice out of the paste & keep aside.

  Take the green chilies in the grinder, add little water and grind to make smooth chili paste.

  Now add the onion, ginger & garlic juice & the green chili paste to the marinated chicken and marinate the chicken again with them.

  Heat oil & ghee in a pan, temper the oil with crushed green cardamom pods. Pour the chicken in the pan along with the marinate and cover the pan, simmer the heat and let the chicken cook for at least 15 minutes.

  No need to add any water, the chicken will cook with it's own juice. Open the pan, check if the chicken is cooked or not. If it is cooked, check for salt, add some if needed, add sliced lemon/lime & lime leaves, cover the pan again for 10 minutes as standing time. If the chicken is not cooked, cover it again for 10 minutes.

  Serve hot with Steamed rice or Roti/phulka.

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