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Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot halwa, after hearing the name of the dish people might be shocked, because most people don't like beetroot. I'm the one of them. I only eat beetroot in stew, may be because I don't know other beetroot recipes. As beetroot is not a very used vegetable in our family. And halwa with beetroot, not be very tasty. I was thinking the same before I've tasted it in Bluefox restaurant in Hi-tech city, Hyderabad. The item was in their dessert menu for lunch buffet.

After having the awesome food, I was almost full. But for a full course meal how can I miss the dessert section. So thought of taste one of them. My husband insisted me to take the 'Beetroot Halwa', as he knew the taste, he was their before for team lunch, and he took that dessert twice. My husband is not a foodie, but he is a sweet lover. so never miss the dessert part of any buffet. As he was insisting for that particular item I took it 2 spoons, thought of just tasting it. But after having half spoon,I was so amazed, and took that for second time. After that day I was thinking of making this at home. But any vegetable halwa is very time consuming and tiring process, so I was avoiding for a year. But when I got my 'Preethi Zodiac' mixer grinder, find a easy grater comes in the 'Master Chef Jar', which grates vegetables in seconds with ease.

So I've decided the 1st item of making is the 'Beetroot Halwa'.I've steamed the peeled beetroots in my 'Tupperware Steam it' and then halved and put into the 'Master Chef Jar' with grater function and got a jar full of grated steamed beetroot in few seconds. Let's have a look in the details procedure below.



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Ingredients for Beetroot Halwa

Preperation steps for Beetroot Halwa

  Take the peeled beetroots and steam them in any steamer or may boil them in pressure cooker till they are soft. Now grate them in manual grater or Preethi Zodiac 'Master Chef Jar' with grater function can be used.

  Just cut into 2 or 4 pieces each steamed beetroot, put them in 'Master Chef Jar' with grater blade attached and make grated beetroots in few seconds.

  Now heat 2 tablespoons ghee in a non-stick pan, temper the ghee with crushed cardamom, add chopped nuts and fry till nice fragrance comes from them. Now add grated beetroot in the pan and fry for 2 minutes.

  Just to remove the raw smell of the beetroot. Now add milk to the pan, cover the pan, simmer the gas and let it cook for 10 minutes undisturbed.

  After 10 minutes open the lid and add the condensed milk. Now put the gas on high and let the beetroot halwa to dry up. Add grated khoya, two tablespoon of ghee and mix well.

  Let the halwa little cool down, but not completely. warm Halwa tastes the best.

  Whenever serve the halwa just warm it little bit.


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